Monday, April 25, 2005

My Weekend

Good afternoon, Blog Family. Hope y'all enjoyed your respective weekends. I did. Very busy as usual. Friday I was in "fuck e'rybody" mode. As soon as I got off work, I headed home and dozed off. When I woke up, I just hung around the house doing absolutely nothing. Damn it was great.

Saturday I drove to B-more and got chewed out by the E-wife. No prob....weekly occurance. Unfortunate for her she was cut short as I found out my son had a baseball game at 8:30 in the damn morning. No, they didn't win, nor did they loose. Its teeball, everyone gets to hit and run around the bases like a damn jackass. **sigh** What's the point? These kids get their hands held WAY too much for my liking. At that same age group, my coach would be screaming on my ass about playing my position the right way and keeping my hat on my head etc. Now it's like "It's ok, Little Jonny, you can dig in your nose and play in the dirt while the ball is in play. Maybe we should get you a helmet to wear in the field so your noodle doesn't get knocked....."
After that the child bathed and I took him to the barbershop. Usually I like to sit around and chit chat and I'll end up there for a couple hours. Not this Saturday. I went to the good but less established barber and shorty was outta there in about an hour. I then dropped him off at his aunt's so that I could join my Database study group. (exciting, huh?) And due to daddy duty, I missed out on a party where I was told "not to bring sand to the beach".

Sunday we ended up at a party for my cousin's birthday. She turned 30 and what was cool was she asked all of us 30-somethings what we learned in our 20's. It was interesting to hear everyone's responses. Mine was "I learned that I can't always put myself 1st. " As much as I glorify my embracing of self , its important to put those children 1st; especially as a black man (proof again that I am a dicotomy of self). The party was a lot of fun and lots of funny things were said all the way around. The highlight of the party was when my cousin's co-worker's girlfriend walked in. Che-walli-walli! She looked like a taller, slighty more ethnic version of Leah Remini. Prettier too. She is a teacher....shit! I KNOW I wouldn't get a damn thing done if she were my teacher.
After we left it was time for Cub Scouts. THANK YOU GOD IT WAS THE LAST MEETING! We sang some REALLY silly songs. One of which was supposed to be sang in a German accent describing one's Top-Knocker (head), Sweaten-Sviper (forehead), Tooten-Honker (nose), Soup-Strainer (upper lip), Mouthen-Somethingornother (mouth), Chin-Strapper (chin), Rubber-Necker (neck), and Chest-Protector (chest).
**sigh** I do it for the kids man....
All in all, we found out that the kids loved scouting and wanted more camping trips. So, thats what's up for next season.

I'd like to give a shout out to a new member, Paula. Give her some love, she's mad cool.

As for today, nothing much going on. I'm having a bad deoderant day and the kids are hip. By the end if the day I'll have a new nickname I'm sure.

KeyLolo Update (Friday): Scandalously sexy. One of those Black pancho looking things, white shirt short enough to expose the belly button ring, and tight white capris. White open toed, heeled sandals.

KeyLolo Update: White, tight Bebe long sleeve, tight jean capris, and pair of Pro Keds. When I had my little confrontation Thursday, she had to kick those heels off and go bare-footed. Maybe she was anticipating some action today. Damn I hope not.


prosine said...

Ok Brother Kojak... lmao... thanks for the "plug". But, who the hell wants to read about my bra dilemas?

Brother Kojak said...

You'd be unpleasantly surprised...

prosine said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... That's a frightful yet interesting thought LOL!