Sunday, April 10, 2005

Antropology & Society

I know you all get tired of my racial observation, but I need help here my friendly readers. The topic, Spain. I was talking to someone from Spain this weekend. She (and she may be an oddball case) but I don't think she considers herself Caucasian. That's strange, because if I'm not mistaken the Moors moved out of Spain about 600 years ago. So their "Negroid" genetic make-up is minimal....I would assume. Shit, I don't know. Someone help me out.

Ok! On a lighter note, I had another odd convo with Glueman. No, it wasn't odd, it waw was funny as shit.

**Mid-day, in line at the Arby's**

Gluman: **laughing**
Me: wassup?
Glueman: Yo man, what would happen if when you nutted it lasted for a minute and a half?
Me: **laughing** WHAT?? You buggin'!
Glueman: I'm sayin' though! What would happen??
Me: Man...I bet you'd be screaming your BALLS off!
**next I lean back and softly scream in my best "Black or White" Micheal Jackson video imitation**
Glueman: Yeah, and I bet you be spent like a muh fucka too!
Me: **laughing** Aww man, you crazy as shit. That would be some serious shit, son!
Glueman: What's the longest time you ever bust one?
Me: Oh...about 30 seconds.
Glueman: Lying muh fucka. You ain't done 30 seconds shit!
Me: Aight...I'm just lying. But for real, one time it had to be at least 20 seconds.
Glueman: hehehehe.....and you was spent like shit, weren't you?
Me: Muh fucka I was DONE. I was no good for the rest of the night.

KeyLolo Update:

Alright! Time to start the week off right, right?
White off the shoulder mid-rift blouse. TIGHT yellow pants with black tangas...or au natural, I think tanga though. White high heeled but flat open-toed sandals.


~KC~ said...

..If only there were more hours in my day :( Sorry to have not commented in so long!

Brother Kojak said...

Thats ok KC. We student/workers have to stay on our toes.

chaparritadeoro said...

The things you guys come up with! 20 seconds, huh? Must've been some good mutha fuckin shit!

And Arby's?? Why? Didn't you have anything else to choose from?

Brother Kojak said...

Man.....Arby's is NICE! With the roast beef, pretty damn good for fast food.