Tuesday, May 20, 2003


lets talk about testosterone, a word derived from the word testes, balls, nuts. Test (as I will call it for short) is an amazing thing and I think it has a lot to do with the type of man I am. One a scale of 100, if the average man had a Test level of 60, Id put myself at 70, 75. Why?
1.) I dont mind the theatre, but as soon as someone starts singing, Im out.
2.) Im quick to call someone or something gay.
3.) Wear your panties?!?! I dont think so.....
4.) if we go see a romantic comedy, there better be at let one fight scene.

There's more but I think my point has been conveyed. I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone this morning. She said that her husband doesnt like strip clubs. says its such a waste. My first reaction was to laugh. That was also my second, third and fourth reactions. What could be better than having a gorgeous woman dance naked or half naked in front of your very eyes? Whats a few ones among friends, huh?To all the fellas out there, workout PRIOR to doing the horizontal limbo. You can accomplish so much more if you wait to squirt later.Uh oh! My jerk chicken is here...pizzat!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Why people keep staring at me??? No, Im not paranoid, its for real. Check me out....Im in the Thai restaurant, chillin with the fellas about to eat me some Drunken Noodle, when these 2 sistas walk in. The one in front was staring at me like I stole something!! Ladies, when you look at a man whos attractive, you dont give him the "That looks like the nigga that stole Pookies car!!" look. You give him the "Damn!! He need to give me a couple babies...shit!!" look. Am I right?So that was odd, but the same shit happened this morning on the way to the deli. Im walking down the street, this woman (whom I thought was Persian) was in the car kept looking at me. SO much so that while she backed up, she first gauged how far she was from the car, backed up but still staring at me!! I was like damn!Coincidentally (sp?), she comes into the deli as well. Looking at a brotha AGAIN!! This time I smile at her, but she turns her head real quick like.Bizarre, man. Bizarre. I think I need to go back to wearing a shirt and tie to work again.....maybe then people will stop trying to put me on the Ravens or Americas Most Wanted. We Black men are a little more diverse than that.

Saturday, May 10, 2003


Im distraught. I am sooooo grateful that I have a woman, because it looks like light-skinned is coming back!!! DAyum!!Man, it seems like yesterday when I was in high school and all the girls had El DeBarge and Al B Sure posters in there lockers. Now, the first signs are appearing of the resurrection the the light-skinned man...even on here!!I blame it on the latinos. The 90s was the beginining of kool decade of La Vida Loca and the Marcarena. Sistas were like "damn, that Puerto Rican dude is kinda cute". See? That reminded them of the bad ol days of DeBarge and dem. One of my favorite people in the world seems to find that light caramel complexion particularly appealling. DAng! How do I know its coming?

1.) Harry Belafonte: when we dark-skinned men were in style, there was a lot of Sidney Portier movies being shown on BET. Now its back to Harry. Hmmmm....
2.) Maybe its just me, but if I hear "All This Love" one more time on the old school station.....
3.) Right here on Mixed (mixedrace.com): Look at the Top Ten. Not ONE dark-skinned man on there!! Why aint I on there? I used to be hot, now I a "Cool 5". Shiiiiiit!!
4.) Sean Paul: Now, a few years ago, everyone would have questioned if that kat was Jamaican or not. Now, who cares?? Hes cute as hell, right? **sigh**Im just kidding yall. Its actually great that we as a people (all of us) can find the beauty of others who are different than us. This site exemplifies that. But if I see another page on MG (migente.com) with Sean Paul on it........