Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Up Late

**Warning. This entry may be offensive to some based on race. This is based on my own observations and does not set a precedence for how black people view white people.**

Shit!!! Ever since I started working out hard again, a brotha is good with 3 hours sleep. Whats up with that? I dont know, maybe Im a little stressed, but Id still like to get some sleep! Damn!Lets Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club) has passed on to the next plane....lets all take a minute or 2 to wish him a peaceful journey.I dont have any interesting topics today, but Ill just go with the daily routine. I worked out yesterday morning. Lifted for the back (can I get a rub down J? **wink**) and then ran 1.5 miles. The best part of the day was when I walked into the office to see that my boss had extended the deadlines for my project...wooo hooo!!! That means Im only a day behind schedule. After work I promised my cousin Id run with him so we ran a mile around his neighborhood.Oh...heres a topic to toss around the water cooler.....Accepted Privilege. What is that? That is a phrase a friend and I coined to describe how the cultural perseption of how some white folks do things that most of us minorities wouldnt because we would deem it as disrespectful or obnoxious. I know in the Black and Latino culture of this country, if you aint got respect, you aint got shit because a lot of us dont have a pot to piss in in the first place. So we automatically give the next man that initial window of respect, well, some of us do....Anyway, an example of AP is you being waited on at a counter and some middle aged white woman comes up next to you and automatically demands service. Not even examining the situation to see if there is a wait....AP tells her that she is the white person in line so her shit is of higher importance than yours. Another example would be at work and you have 2 white, one latino. both with small ones. Another white co-worker comes thru and sees the other white co-workers new baby pics. "Awww, isnt he adorable?" Then the scenario goes on about how little Kennedy turn pinks when hes squeezing out a turd or the latino worker has had pics of his ninos on his desk for the past couple months. Any acknowlegement? Probably not. Of course the little white baby is cuter than the little brown baby....AP my friends. Just low end form of racism that most white people would not even conceive while we folks of color notice it all the time.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Such a Pussy

Ok, the older I get the more of a pussy I become. CHeck this out.....Im driving on my way to work and I decided to listen to the Buena Vista Social Club song "Chan Chan". I had to hold back the tears. Why? I think because in that movie the viejos had faded into obscurity; and then even in the first scene you can see the excitement in these old mens faces as theyre performing in front of thousands of people now. Very empowering. A story with a happy ending...and real too!!As I always say on hear, we have to respect our elders. They are capable of so much more than we think......except driving in rush hour traffic. LOLOk, enough of that....I go to the mens room this morning and the lights are still out. I turned them on and did my thing with the thing. But then I got to thinking....what if I came in there, turned on the lights, and found some dude in there crying sitting on the toilet? Would I laugh?? Probably....especially if the stall door was closed. hehehehehe...thats awful right?