Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And I Thought I Was a Loser

...So I'm finishing up making my empanadas (great recipes for these on www.allrecipes.com) and decide that I want to get my drink on. So I get into the car and hit the all night liquor store. Check THIS shit out....
The guy working behind the counter is obvious a grad of MITS (Mobile Intermediary Teriary School) with the teeth that looked like a broken, crooked ass fence, dangling Marlboro from the mouth, and the "Cat" baseball cap he "inherited" (read "swiped") from his grandfather. He is annoying the shit out of a man standing in from of me.
Loser: Wow, you don't look nothin' like your age. You a old fella!
Man: Yeah, I get cared every time I go somewhere.
Loser: You see there? That's a compliment. You outta tip me for that one.
Man: yeah. Thanks.
Loser: You see, people don't get compliments like that everyday.
Man: Its alright though. Maybe one of these days I won't get carded.
Loser: **opening up register** Yup. I know I deserve a tip for THAT compliment.
Man: **accepting change** Ok, thanks. Have a good night
**I step up to the register**
Loser: Oh, I ain't even gonna bother checking your ID. You must be a OLD man!
Me: So I've been told.
Loser: Naw. You don't look that old. $4.37
Me: **I pull out a 5 and look in my pocket for change**
Loser: Aww! you might as well give me that 5 and let me keep the change for tip!
Me: This guy is annoying like shit. Let me get the hell outta here. **handing him the 5**
Loser: **punching in the register**
Me: Dude, keep it.
Loser: Why thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Me: yeah, aight.

KeyLolo Update: Ms Lolo has been on hiatus the past couple days. Says her son had an "ear infection". Wink wink. Shit....his ass is like 14, how he gonna get an ear infection????

Just kidding. Ok....Very conservative today, black jacket (one that actually fits nicely, not there for subtlety), green top, TIGHT black and grey plaid capris, and some cotton white Keds. Hmmmm....she has a tattoo on the outside of her calf. It has 2 hands in the gesture of prayer. Very good....


chaparritadeoro said...

Empanadas? I think you need to come cook for me!

So how did they turn out?

Brother Kojak said...

Trife. The only pie crust I could find was the one that came with the tin. Great if you making a pie, annoying if you aren't. Took me about 5 minutes for each pie crust. And even with all that care, the damn thing still fell apart!

chaparritadeoro said...

Do I need to take you grocery shopping? You should have looked in the section where they keep the biscuits, butter, frozen cookie dough, etc. Try them again and let me know!

WebmasterMama said...

I am 33...how the heck did I get a stupid ear infection??? One that kept me in bed for 4 days. So there...

Hubby bought me a 10-DVD set on Puerto Rican cooking and I'm so looking up empanadas now.