Monday, August 04, 2003

More about the D*#k

I have one more d*#k story for you and Ill leave you lone...hehehehheSo I was trying to date this GORGEOUS Lebanese chic in college. We got along great, even had chemistry. Unfortunately the only chemistry she was interested in was at school. she felt she didnt have time for a boyfriend but still liked hanging out with me and stuff. It was a nightmare. THis honey on my arm all the time with NO benefits. Get the idea?So we had just had a talk in car about what I just mentioned and I was kool with that...I wasnt doing anything else. So we get to the club, dance floor is packed. I see this honey trying to dance up on me. Shiiiiit! Me and homegirl are "friends" so I make my move on the other chic. Lebanon saw this and (get this).....STEPPED IN FRONT OF THE GIRL FACING HER AND STARTED DANCING LOOKING THE CHIC DEAD IN HER FACE. Oh it gets worse!! The next song that comes on is a slow one. We reluctantly dance with each other. UGH!! she was smellin' so good.....the closer I pulled her the more relaxed she became. My hands wandered up and down her back and hips....she didnt flinch. And somehow, some way at the tender age of 22, I managed not to get a hard-on. Can you believe it?????? 1o years later, there is no way I could repeat that...she would just have to be poked in the hip!! LOL!!