Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Dumbest Question of The Day For The Entire Planet Earth

I don't think there could be a dumber question that was ever asked yesterday. I'm not smart enough to listen to NPR and follow it, and the Gemini in me HATES redundancy so I have a tendency to listen to sports radio off and on. Then morning I was listening to the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN and one Mike mentioned that he had a convo with the cafeteria manager yesterday.
DumDum: Did they choose a new pope yet?
Mike: Yes, he's a German. 76 years old.
DumDum: Oh!! Is he Catholic?
Mike: **pause** I think that was the only prerequisite.

That damn Jamie Foxx. First he nails Ray Charles in a movie portrayal, then he wins an Oscar (automatic $25 mill. a flic paycheck), and now THIS!! The rumors are they have actually sparked something, or she is politicking with him to get him to star in a movie that she is currently writing and producing. Either way, its win-win. Isn't that how Puff hooked up with Jennifer Lopez? One a series of business dinners? Damn, is NIIICE! When you winning, you just winning. I am jealous, but I ain't hatin'. He's come a long way and so many people are proud of his accomplishments.

This day is starting out nicely. Both KeyLolo and HourGlass are looking lovely today. Strange though, HourGlass just finished demonstrated the Mermaid move she learned in belly dancing class. KeyLolo's response: "Oh. You paid money to learn that?"

I was in a meeting with the mentoring teacher and came into the hallway after a fight had just been broken up. Apparently one of the school's big mouth/bully strolled into a classroom late and starting beefing with another student, 50 Cent's younger brother. (well, he does at least LOOK like him) And as is the case with most bully's, 50 commenced to whipping Big Mouth's ass. Tsk tsk. From what I heard the teacher wasn't in a hurry to break up the fight either. And Big Mouth's eye is all banged up. They even considered calling an ambulance.

KeyLolo Update: All white. Looking like a Clorox commercial. fault. She has on some jean capris and a white summer hoodie.

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