Friday, June 23, 2006

Shmoozing II

So last night I went out shmoozing again; brown pin striped suit, patterned dark tan shirt, striped tie the color of the suit, the stripes on the suit and a complementary green, and of course, the chocolate slides. I wish I had a funny story about it, but I don't. It was a typical "who are you?" mosh pit of executives for a dinner that was the cost of a lease payment on a Pontiac. It was so rough, that me, the King of Schooze, only got 1 business card. Long night too...from 5:30 until 9:45. The upside? OPEN BAR. And no, the BK did not get lit up. As a matter of fact, everytime I hit the bar I would say "rum and coke. easy on the rum" There was no way I was gonna get caught and be so comfortable with someone that I'd say something retarded like " BOB! What up, SON?! You holdin' it down?"
But those things are always fun to me. I surprise myself how I can be so comfortable in that situation and still go to the barber shop and everything is "mutha fucka" this and "nigga" that.

Today is Tech. Services Hawaiian Shirt Day which included a Mexican Buffet. huh? I don't know, don't ask. All I know is that when it was time to do the group pic, I was GONE! Happy Hour is tonight so we shall see how that goes. The co-worker I don't trust will be there so I'll make sure to pop in and then pop the hell out of there. Thats all I got for monkeys be safe.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Got A Case of the Reese's

I gettin' like Reese now, I feel I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Actually, I have a ton of stuff to blog about, but it's really too painful now. I can say this, you don't really know yourself until not only when the shit hits the fan, but when you can smell it. That's where I am not and it would be an even bumpier if it wasn't for my girl DancesWithJesus (yes, there is a story behind the nickname). Thanks, luv. You are a God-send.

One good thing about living in the Baltimore/DC area is the incredible diversity and the number of festivals that go along with that diversity. I've already missed 2 festivals just by blinking. This weekend there is the somewhat-insane Carribbean Festival in DC. My goal this year is to go to both the DC and B-more festivals and juxtapose the 2. I've never gone to both so its high time my old ass gets on it.
The 1st comparison will be DC's Carribean Festival. The Festival takes place on about 8 blocks of Georgia Ave. Floats go by from different area Carribean clubs. The Trinis usually truly represent, but every now and then the Yardies do their thing. Personally, I will nuetral. I'll watch some of the festivities, walk up the street to be with WhatAboutMe and her crew as they DJ on Georgia Ave.
Hey. Friendship is unconditional, right? Then why come I have no problems ignoring this email from a friend even though its for her to go to Thailand and get surgery?

Just out of curiosity...
anyone in town on July 4 and able to take me to the airport at 6:00 in the morning?

Shiiiiiiiiit! I ain't the one! Not only would we have to be friends with benefits, those benefits better include ALL of the orifices.

YO!!!! Vida Guerra is naked like whoa in Playboy!!! Life is good. damn good.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Same Shit...Different Era

In this day and age, we see a lot of multi-ethnic children and interracial couples all over and thats a good thing. It's something I'm used to from upon until I realized one important thing, SOMEBODY has got to give SOMEBODY some. That doesn't always fall in the realm of the same race. But all jokes aside, its good because it means that we as Americans are more accepting of one another.


Racism is still a factor in our day to day lives except now it so underlying its hard to detect. About 10 years ago, I was considering not attending the Million Man March. First of all, because I'm not the greatest fan of Minister Farrakhan. Secondly, because I was listening to the jounalist propaganda of how this march may become violent due to the size of the crowd. What was implied? "You black bastards can't organize shit without police being involved." I talked to Cannonball not to long after that and he said "If we scared of our own people, why bother even waking up?" True to life on that and the March was not a prob because I didn't see any liquor bottles, drug sales, or ass-whippin's. Pop a collar to that!
Ok, I digress because thats a sore spot with me. The point is that the media really tries to keep us Black people "in our place" just by the way some information is dictated. This morning I just happened to be watching the Today show. The update was about the Duke Lacrosse team rape. And as the host (I don't know the new host's name) asked questions to the correspondent, do you know that not ONCE did he refer to the women as such or victims, or even accusers. Each time he made reference to them, they were referred to as strippers. I wish I had a link to the video so you guys could see it, but I waited too long to blog. The underlying message was that these women don't get the consideration that other women do either because of their occupation or because of their race AND occupation. Hmmm.....last time I checked a victim was one who has been violated in some way, an accuser is a person who has accused someone of wronging them, and a woman is a homosapien who has the capability/capacity to bear offspring. The last time I checked, these 2 strippers are all of the above; yet are not referred to as such. Even if both of them are full of their and somebody else's shit, don't they deserve that much respect? To at BARE MINIMUM be referred to as women? Accusers? Victims?

Marinate on that.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TTTT: Let's Try That Again!

Alright damn it! We gonna do this shit again!



name the 5 celebrities/atheletes who you would love to party with and why
Double Go

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

TTTT: "You sho' Is Ugly!!!"

Hey monkeys. This week's TTTT is about dating that UGLY kat/chic. You had your reasons, but all you know is that in the street you always got the 2nd and 3rd looks because your partner was stuck on busted. You dated Uglor, but why? How what did you do when you were in public?


Monday, June 05, 2006

Yeah, It's Me Again

Wow, I'm such a shitty blogger. I have been busy with my grad party, 10 days of unsupervised Daddy Duty, job search, and a couple of summer projects, man I'm swamped. Oh yeah, and my feeble attempt at getting laid. All huge time takers.

My grad party in summary was small but mad fun. My mom and her buddy went straight ghetto (even though we were in one of the million dollar neighborhoods of Bowie) and made the craziest drink concoction I've ever seen.

1 large sweet watermelon
2 Smirnoff Ices (the one with the orange top **shrug**)
3 1/2 a bottle of Jamaican Brandy
4 3 seconds of white Bacardi rum
5 A heavy dosage of "DAY-um!"

Just to give you an idea of the crowd reaction and vibe, the elixir filled a typical punch bowl, but was gone in about 20 minutes. Whoa. I tried to throw the game on an old classmate, but she didn't have enough of it. One more cup and I would have boning her on the hammock.
And the music? Bangin'. My girl WhatAboutMe did her thing like whoa. She spinned some NeoSoul, Rawkus flava hip hop, and some new and semi-old school hip hop. Oh yes, we got our party on. You missed it.

10 Day Daddy Duty
Mrs Kojak went to Cali for a week. That left me on full daddy duty. Single moms, my hats off to you. That's some work and a half right there. I tried to soften the blow and mutual boredom by checking in at the Sheraton for the weekend. I got a steal of a deal on it and we had a ball. What was odd was the a couple of things.
1.) If you are a participant in a Bar/Bat Mitizfah, is "Everyday I'm Hustling" very befitting for the festivities? Probably. It just didn't match to me.
2.) Who listens to go-go north of Laurel, MD? The next day was a party, looked like a wedding reception. They had a band, an all female go-go band. To those of you who don't know what go-go music is, go download some Junkyard Band, Chuck Brown, or Rare Essence. Oh! Remember "Da Butt" from the movie "School Daze"? Or, a more modern effort is "It's Love" from the "Who's Jill Scott?" Album. Personally, even though I grew up in Arlington, I can't listen to go-go longer than 20 minutes. When you hear the real gully stuff, you'd understand why.

Job Search
You know, when you do a job search and you have experience, landing the next job can be easy if you are just looking to do a lateral move. But when you are attempting to climb up AND somewhat change your desired field, that's when it gets complicated. I'm trying to find another gig, and instead of doing the techie thing, I'm trying to do the business thing, business strategy to be exact. So far, so fair. The good think I've been politicking with some serious heavy hitters; one the VP of a bank, the other two are execs from the State of Maryland. I'm on meeting #2 with one of the state execs, on pause with the other, and the bank VP I've already met. We met at one of Baltimore's most swanky spots. I was impressed by myself, I kept track of all my forks and never dropped my napkin on the floor. I was sweating like a beast though. Not because I was nervous; he eats and shits just like I do, but because it was hot and muggy as shit that day and here I am with shirt, tie, and jacket (all required for the SwankySpot). All and all it turned out well; he is going to be a good source of leads to other heavy-hitters.

Summer Projects
Over the semester, I was attempting to set up a network for a transitional home in the city. VERY difficult with no money to work with. What I will be doing is attempting to continue on with the project and then passing it on to the next set of people from school that will get involved. The other project is to make the website I worked on (well, was supposed to work) this past semester work even better.

Whew! See what happens when you don't blog for ages? And y'all see you STILL ain't miss a damn thing!