Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hey y'all

Sorry, no catchy title today. Its still early. So far so good too. Although I do get one of my mid-terms back today. Not looking forward to that. Had a slight spat with the e-wife. Nothing major, just enough to get on your nerves though. Then I find out that the grad program I wanted to attend got squashed. Now I have to settle for my #2 or #3 choices, both of which may as me to take supplemental classes. Great.

KeyLo-Lo Update: Even though its only been a week, I've forgotten how good that onion looks in tight pants. Green was the color today, like a pastel type color. Green off the shoulder sweater (low cut for some reason), TIGHT green capris with a difficult to describe pattern; there are pink and yellows in it and the material looks like a burlap-type thing...I dunno. The there are the high heeled green, jeweled sandals. Toe nails a perfect match for the pink in the pants.

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