Friday, April 08, 2005

Just Another Day In Prince George's County Schools

During the course of my day, I've had to put the fear of God into 2 students and break up some ruckus in the hallway....5 different girls, 3 different issues.
3 different girls were beefing about a boy ready to fight
1 was mad about being in a particular class
the other was trying to stab a boy with a pencil for squeezing her butt

All of this happened at exactly the same time in the hallway.

I love my job....I want to DIE HERE!!!

And in the job search. **sigh** That's off the hook too.

Check this out.....why come I cant get a job because of my credit? Remember the lady that called me last week and I was over qualified? Yeah....she called me again, found a job with a great fit and all....

HER: how's your credit?
ME **laughing** It sucks. I've been unemployed for over a year. ALL of the credit cards and stuff are behind.
HER: Oh. This is a financial institution, so its a conflict of interest for someone with bad credit to work there.
ME: hey, its whatever.....

Aint that some shit? I'm genuinely starting to believe that this woman does not like me.

KeyLolo Update: Bebe....THAT's what's up. Tight and short Bebe shirt, Bebe belt, and TIGHT blue jeans. (no back pockets....huh?) High top Reeboks.

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