Friday, April 15, 2005


I used to read comic books all the time as a pre-teen. There was this one cartoon by Marvel called "What If..?" It would take different instances in the comic world and do a "what if" type scenario to it; like "What if Spider-Man decided to quit?" Stuff like that. Well here's one; what if Sidney Portier decided to accepted roles that were less dignified? I don't know why I was thinking of this, but who in the acting world would be the antithesis of Sidney Portier? Black man from another country who went the OTHER way as far as acting. One who took whatever role just for the paycheck. Hmmmmm....can't think of anyone. First I thought of Robert Guillame because of "Soap" , but he DID go on to become the mayor in "Benson", right? I'll figure it out.

Today is the anniversary of Jackie Robinson joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. For those that don't know about him, he was a 5 sport super athlete with brains to boot. The big point is that he wasn't even the best Negro League player at the time but he had the best retrospect of what he was doing and how important it was. Not on the basis of sports. Sports is entertainment. What he exemplied was black men having the capabilty to do and accomplish the same things white men do and accomplish. He set the precident for that and today we honor Mr. Robinson for that.

There have been no KeyLolo updates because she has been out for the past 2 days. Yeah, the last time she was out and we called her, she was at Hooters.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the Sidney Portier thing. I want him to play a crazy-ass serial killer or something. I think he'd do a good "crazy" kind of like the even-keeled Hannibal-type crazy.


Zulu said...

KeyLolo must have Spring fever like me...but I usually don't go to Hooters when that happens. Was she WORKING at Hooters?

Brother Kojak said...

Yeah Twisty, especially with that laugh and that weird neck-eye thing he used to do back in the day. That would be tight.

Zulu, you're a nut. No, she wasn't working there although I'm sure she took an application.

chaparritadeoro said...

Neck-eye thing? I've never noticed it!

Wow, I also had the thought that maybe she works at Hooters. Are you sure she doesn't work there? Maybe one of her co-workers needed time off to get a boob or lypo job! She could be covering for for someone. I'm just saying...