Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lite Day II

this entry is unedited. Please forgive the syntax and grammatical errors.

Le Yawn....what a boring day. We had a long ass staff meeting yesterday about duty posts and what the hell people are supposed to be doing. Now it seems we've gotten it under control; this week. Drove for like 4 hours yesterday running around doing errands. Today might be similar. It Best Buy, drop off laptop, drop off W2 (yes, JUST getting to that even though I get a return), cram, take a quiz. Study after class for tomorrow's class. This weekend we go camping at Assateague. A full weekend. Woo hoo.


let me see, what else am I thinking about. OH! This past weekend I hung out with the Castellian.
She and I took
a long walk
along the park
after dark.
found a spot
for us to spark
verbal elation

hehehee....I know only a few of y'all got that, but hang in there; you'll catch on. We got to talking about weird things that we didnt know about each others' genders. I forgot what I told her, but damn if I didn't know that some women have hair on their backs, but in the weird way.

Castellian: Yeah man! Some women have hair on their backs. But not like men. It goes from their asses to the middle of the back **contorting to point** See here? Yeah, it goes up there. Dude, it looks like a cat died on their back.

I, of course, made a skeptical of myself laughing. (another insider. Click here for Tonya Harding vs. Dan Patrick.)
Me: DAYUM!! Why don't they shave??
Castellian: Dude...I don't know. And I'm telling you, anytime you have a woman with the thick hair on the face...what is that called again?
Me: Sideburns
Castellian: **laughing** Yea. When you those sideburns, dude, those are the women with all of the hair. I'm telling you! Its nasty fucking shit man!

That girl is a nut.

And why was Tupac is entralled with Niccolo Machiavelli? I'm reading about him for a class and I am not impressed in the least. The guy was a wuss who TALKED about kicking ass. Did he ever go into battle to kick the ass? No. He theorized on the what, why and how, but that's about it. He delegated. Yeah, I can see me in HIS muh fucken army.....

"Citizens! We have come forth today to take what may soon be rightfully ours. Our enemies lie ahead, obstructing our dominance of this entire continent. Let us go forth and desimate those who stand before us! Let the world that our country is worthy to lead all others!!"
"I'll see y'all when you get back."

Politicians. Got all the answers, none of the backbone.

KeyLolo Update: Rather tame. Red short shirt (Bebe of course) and TIGHT jeans. Matching tennis shoes; white with a red stripe and a blue stripe.

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