Wednesday, October 08, 2003

here I'm is!

man....its been a minute. what did you miss? Not much. I went to TX to see some drag racing et al.....hehehehe. It was a good trip I got to check out Austin as well. Strange town. I think folks thought I was Ricky Williams because I got a bunch of 2nd and 3rd looks. OOOOH!! The "I dont play pro ball update"Sept 20: Im jogging during my sons soccer game. I run around a building and this man and his son are walking. He goes "Uh oh! Watch out son. he may tackle you." and laughed. I didnt.Sept 27: Im running late for work, but I have to drop some books off at the library. I go thru the one way entrance of a library and skid into a parking space. there is this dude standing there smoking a cigarette. I ask him "You aint see me make that illegal turn did you?"him: Naw I aint see nuthin.him: (After I droped the books into the book dropoff) For a second there I thought you were Ricky Williams jumping out of that truck like that.....Oct 3: I go down to ask the consiere (sp?) where certain stuff is. While talking to him one of the bellhops comes in and saying, joking "Awww, man! I didnt know Ricky Williams was staying with us!"Who is this Ricky Williams man?

Friday, September 12, 2003

man notes

I know some of you like to come on here to hear a mans point a view on things. I also know a couple of you are single moms. When you are a single mom, so things you just cant teach your son no matter how good of a study you are.My son and I had a daddy-son moment EARLY this morning. he was coughing profusely so I got up and got him some cough syrup. Now, we all know Robitussin has a kick to it. Dats dat alk-da-hol (alcohol). So he takes a swig, I go "Take it all the way down, son" and he drinks it all at once. He goes "Ah...", smacks his lips, then looks at me. I look back and give him the slow 2-nod head nod. He replies with the same nod. Understand that exchange? that 1 sentence dialogue amongst males, the convo would have gone like this....Me: Take it all the way down. Dont be a pussy and sip it.Him: Ok. Ill try not to taste itMe: (after the drink) You feel that?Him: Yeah. Right in the chest.Me: Good thats where you need it.This is what some women dont get; how men can communicate so well with each other and not them. Its because we have exchanges like that from a young age. I wasnt that good at it back in the day, but my son will be because he has more of a male presence than I did.CLass dismissed!!! LOL

Monday, August 04, 2003

More about the D*#k

I have one more d*#k story for you and Ill leave you lone...hehehehheSo I was trying to date this GORGEOUS Lebanese chic in college. We got along great, even had chemistry. Unfortunately the only chemistry she was interested in was at school. she felt she didnt have time for a boyfriend but still liked hanging out with me and stuff. It was a nightmare. THis honey on my arm all the time with NO benefits. Get the idea?So we had just had a talk in car about what I just mentioned and I was kool with that...I wasnt doing anything else. So we get to the club, dance floor is packed. I see this honey trying to dance up on me. Shiiiiit! Me and homegirl are "friends" so I make my move on the other chic. Lebanon saw this and (get this).....STEPPED IN FRONT OF THE GIRL FACING HER AND STARTED DANCING LOOKING THE CHIC DEAD IN HER FACE. Oh it gets worse!! The next song that comes on is a slow one. We reluctantly dance with each other. UGH!! she was smellin' so good.....the closer I pulled her the more relaxed she became. My hands wandered up and down her back and hips....she didnt flinch. And somehow, some way at the tender age of 22, I managed not to get a hard-on. Can you believe it?????? 1o years later, there is no way I could repeat that...she would just have to be poked in the hip!! LOL!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Up Late

**Warning. This entry may be offensive to some based on race. This is based on my own observations and does not set a precedence for how black people view white people.**

Shit!!! Ever since I started working out hard again, a brotha is good with 3 hours sleep. Whats up with that? I dont know, maybe Im a little stressed, but Id still like to get some sleep! Damn!Lets Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club) has passed on to the next plane....lets all take a minute or 2 to wish him a peaceful journey.I dont have any interesting topics today, but Ill just go with the daily routine. I worked out yesterday morning. Lifted for the back (can I get a rub down J? **wink**) and then ran 1.5 miles. The best part of the day was when I walked into the office to see that my boss had extended the deadlines for my project...wooo hooo!!! That means Im only a day behind schedule. After work I promised my cousin Id run with him so we ran a mile around his neighborhood.Oh...heres a topic to toss around the water cooler.....Accepted Privilege. What is that? That is a phrase a friend and I coined to describe how the cultural perseption of how some white folks do things that most of us minorities wouldnt because we would deem it as disrespectful or obnoxious. I know in the Black and Latino culture of this country, if you aint got respect, you aint got shit because a lot of us dont have a pot to piss in in the first place. So we automatically give the next man that initial window of respect, well, some of us do....Anyway, an example of AP is you being waited on at a counter and some middle aged white woman comes up next to you and automatically demands service. Not even examining the situation to see if there is a wait....AP tells her that she is the white person in line so her shit is of higher importance than yours. Another example would be at work and you have 2 white, one latino. both with small ones. Another white co-worker comes thru and sees the other white co-workers new baby pics. "Awww, isnt he adorable?" Then the scenario goes on about how little Kennedy turn pinks when hes squeezing out a turd or the latino worker has had pics of his ninos on his desk for the past couple months. Any acknowlegement? Probably not. Of course the little white baby is cuter than the little brown baby....AP my friends. Just low end form of racism that most white people would not even conceive while we folks of color notice it all the time.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Such a Pussy

Ok, the older I get the more of a pussy I become. CHeck this out.....Im driving on my way to work and I decided to listen to the Buena Vista Social Club song "Chan Chan". I had to hold back the tears. Why? I think because in that movie the viejos had faded into obscurity; and then even in the first scene you can see the excitement in these old mens faces as theyre performing in front of thousands of people now. Very empowering. A story with a happy ending...and real too!!As I always say on hear, we have to respect our elders. They are capable of so much more than we think......except driving in rush hour traffic. LOLOk, enough of that....I go to the mens room this morning and the lights are still out. I turned them on and did my thing with the thing. But then I got to thinking....what if I came in there, turned on the lights, and found some dude in there crying sitting on the toilet? Would I laugh?? Probably....especially if the stall door was closed. hehehehehe...thats awful right?

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Office Etiquitte (sp?)

One last have to give some people their etiquette props. I was at my desk Thurs and cut a stinky one. Why 3 minutes later a co-worker came over? Talked like there was nothing wrong at all? Shiiiit...if that was me, I would have called my ass out...."Damn, yo!!! You been eating dead ass cats or something???"

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Nature of The Beast

This has been an extremely boring weekend, but in times silence and stillness, one can contemplate. If you are not in the mood to read some preaching, you may as well just skip this weblog entry. On Friday, driving down 95, a falcon passed over the highway with its prey in its talons....what does this mean? Not much, but my perception was that nature is not to be denied. Department of Transportation can run as many thoroughways thru the forests, but the survival cycle of life still endures; for one life to progress, another must end. The same scenario can serve as analogy of American society; particularly the American male. Look at your friends....some are sucesses and others are complete failures. Those at the top of the "food chain" gain most of the things they, career, women. The losers are merely bottom-feeders either waiting for their next facious opportunity or to die. What do we all as American men have in common? We live in a true, unadulterated facade of manhood. The only thing that differentiates the average American male from the average American woman is our genitalia. Test it a juxtaposition between you and your significant other. Now, do the same test of your grandparents. The contrast in the 2 experiments is frightening. My grandfather was a big, black, muscular and surly man. His arms and shoulders were massive and black because he moved 3 ton crates off of ships at the docks 12 hours a day. My arms and shoulders are black and massive because of working out 3-4 days a week and a dominant melanine gene. My eyes can be red because I didnt get enough sleep. His were red because of the constant irritation from grain dust. He provided for a family of 4 without assistance. Both my wife and I work and do just ok with one child. He knew how to build a small structure from his daddy and his daddys daddy. Me? I have to watch TLC and HGTV and take notes. In the worst of times, he got his shotgun and went into the woods to hunt for food. In the worst of times, I use SprintPCS and give my best interpretation of a fundraiser to my family and friends. In racial adversity, he had to either suck it up or swing and risk a lynching. I have the EEOC and Jonnie Cochran. The conclusion? Im a pussy compared to him. I could go on, but you get the idea. If you are blessed enough to have your grandfather still around, probe him for the lessons of true manhood, not the bullshit we live day to day in the 21 century. If not, meditate on how he held it down and apply it to your own life. Life is so much easier as a man when you can live it as what it was intended to be, not how it was marketed to you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


lets talk about testosterone, a word derived from the word testes, balls, nuts. Test (as I will call it for short) is an amazing thing and I think it has a lot to do with the type of man I am. One a scale of 100, if the average man had a Test level of 60, Id put myself at 70, 75. Why?
1.) I dont mind the theatre, but as soon as someone starts singing, Im out.
2.) Im quick to call someone or something gay.
3.) Wear your panties?!?! I dont think so.....
4.) if we go see a romantic comedy, there better be at let one fight scene.

There's more but I think my point has been conveyed. I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone this morning. She said that her husband doesnt like strip clubs. says its such a waste. My first reaction was to laugh. That was also my second, third and fourth reactions. What could be better than having a gorgeous woman dance naked or half naked in front of your very eyes? Whats a few ones among friends, huh?To all the fellas out there, workout PRIOR to doing the horizontal limbo. You can accomplish so much more if you wait to squirt later.Uh oh! My jerk chicken is here...pizzat!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Why people keep staring at me??? No, Im not paranoid, its for real. Check me out....Im in the Thai restaurant, chillin with the fellas about to eat me some Drunken Noodle, when these 2 sistas walk in. The one in front was staring at me like I stole something!! Ladies, when you look at a man whos attractive, you dont give him the "That looks like the nigga that stole Pookies car!!" look. You give him the "Damn!! He need to give me a couple babies...shit!!" look. Am I right?So that was odd, but the same shit happened this morning on the way to the deli. Im walking down the street, this woman (whom I thought was Persian) was in the car kept looking at me. SO much so that while she backed up, she first gauged how far she was from the car, backed up but still staring at me!! I was like damn!Coincidentally (sp?), she comes into the deli as well. Looking at a brotha AGAIN!! This time I smile at her, but she turns her head real quick like.Bizarre, man. Bizarre. I think I need to go back to wearing a shirt and tie to work again.....maybe then people will stop trying to put me on the Ravens or Americas Most Wanted. We Black men are a little more diverse than that.

Saturday, May 10, 2003


Im distraught. I am sooooo grateful that I have a woman, because it looks like light-skinned is coming back!!! DAyum!!Man, it seems like yesterday when I was in high school and all the girls had El DeBarge and Al B Sure posters in there lockers. Now, the first signs are appearing of the resurrection the the light-skinned man...even on here!!I blame it on the latinos. The 90s was the beginining of kool decade of La Vida Loca and the Marcarena. Sistas were like "damn, that Puerto Rican dude is kinda cute". See? That reminded them of the bad ol days of DeBarge and dem. One of my favorite people in the world seems to find that light caramel complexion particularly appealling. DAng! How do I know its coming?

1.) Harry Belafonte: when we dark-skinned men were in style, there was a lot of Sidney Portier movies being shown on BET. Now its back to Harry. Hmmmm....
2.) Maybe its just me, but if I hear "All This Love" one more time on the old school station.....
3.) Right here on Mixed ( Look at the Top Ten. Not ONE dark-skinned man on there!! Why aint I on there? I used to be hot, now I a "Cool 5". Shiiiiiit!!
4.) Sean Paul: Now, a few years ago, everyone would have questioned if that kat was Jamaican or not. Now, who cares?? Hes cute as hell, right? **sigh**Im just kidding yall. Its actually great that we as a people (all of us) can find the beauty of others who are different than us. This site exemplifies that. But if I see another page on MG ( with Sean Paul on it........

Saturday, April 26, 2003

The REAL 1st Entry

Ok, here goes...I dont know who's going to read this shit....probably not me even.I have plenty to run my mouth about, but the only topic that 99.99% of the population likes to talk about is sexual, let's go with that.Yesterday was Friday; BEAUTIFUL day in DC. The brotha was looking good!! Had my guayabera/bowling shirt on with the matching mules, feeling good too. I consider myself a good looking guy, although some wouldn't give me my props (you know who you are Cool5!), and very confident/arrogant as well. Ever have someone who you have a crush on but can never get the balls to say something to them? There is a woman in the building I work at who I consider FIIIIIINNE. I have what you would call a lustful crush on her, not a real one because I am loved and I'll leave it at that. Now, I only see homegirl once...maybe every 2 weeks, and I can talk to anyone about anything....except her. I see her and I'm just like 'Uh...hi?' The very first time I met her and talked to her I stepped to her strong; found out her name, occupation, age, college, and her favorite dish her mama cooks on Thanksgiving. Its the weirdest thing....saw homegirl in the garage, and I was so disheveled that I couldn't even indicate to my cousin that that's 'her'.What a fag. Well, thats my weblog for all I'm doing is my best John Henry impersonation. For those who dont know....go read the dayum book!!