Friday, September 12, 2003

man notes

I know some of you like to come on here to hear a mans point a view on things. I also know a couple of you are single moms. When you are a single mom, so things you just cant teach your son no matter how good of a study you are.My son and I had a daddy-son moment EARLY this morning. he was coughing profusely so I got up and got him some cough syrup. Now, we all know Robitussin has a kick to it. Dats dat alk-da-hol (alcohol). So he takes a swig, I go "Take it all the way down, son" and he drinks it all at once. He goes "Ah...", smacks his lips, then looks at me. I look back and give him the slow 2-nod head nod. He replies with the same nod. Understand that exchange? that 1 sentence dialogue amongst males, the convo would have gone like this....Me: Take it all the way down. Dont be a pussy and sip it.Him: Ok. Ill try not to taste itMe: (after the drink) You feel that?Him: Yeah. Right in the chest.Me: Good thats where you need it.This is what some women dont get; how men can communicate so well with each other and not them. Its because we have exchanges like that from a young age. I wasnt that good at it back in the day, but my son will be because he has more of a male presence than I did.CLass dismissed!!! LOL