Saturday, June 14, 2003

Office Etiquitte (sp?)

One last have to give some people their etiquette props. I was at my desk Thurs and cut a stinky one. Why 3 minutes later a co-worker came over? Talked like there was nothing wrong at all? Shiiiit...if that was me, I would have called my ass out...."Damn, yo!!! You been eating dead ass cats or something???"

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Nature of The Beast

This has been an extremely boring weekend, but in times silence and stillness, one can contemplate. If you are not in the mood to read some preaching, you may as well just skip this weblog entry. On Friday, driving down 95, a falcon passed over the highway with its prey in its talons....what does this mean? Not much, but my perception was that nature is not to be denied. Department of Transportation can run as many thoroughways thru the forests, but the survival cycle of life still endures; for one life to progress, another must end. The same scenario can serve as analogy of American society; particularly the American male. Look at your friends....some are sucesses and others are complete failures. Those at the top of the "food chain" gain most of the things they, career, women. The losers are merely bottom-feeders either waiting for their next facious opportunity or to die. What do we all as American men have in common? We live in a true, unadulterated facade of manhood. The only thing that differentiates the average American male from the average American woman is our genitalia. Test it a juxtaposition between you and your significant other. Now, do the same test of your grandparents. The contrast in the 2 experiments is frightening. My grandfather was a big, black, muscular and surly man. His arms and shoulders were massive and black because he moved 3 ton crates off of ships at the docks 12 hours a day. My arms and shoulders are black and massive because of working out 3-4 days a week and a dominant melanine gene. My eyes can be red because I didnt get enough sleep. His were red because of the constant irritation from grain dust. He provided for a family of 4 without assistance. Both my wife and I work and do just ok with one child. He knew how to build a small structure from his daddy and his daddys daddy. Me? I have to watch TLC and HGTV and take notes. In the worst of times, he got his shotgun and went into the woods to hunt for food. In the worst of times, I use SprintPCS and give my best interpretation of a fundraiser to my family and friends. In racial adversity, he had to either suck it up or swing and risk a lynching. I have the EEOC and Jonnie Cochran. The conclusion? Im a pussy compared to him. I could go on, but you get the idea. If you are blessed enough to have your grandfather still around, probe him for the lessons of true manhood, not the bullshit we live day to day in the 21 century. If not, meditate on how he held it down and apply it to your own life. Life is so much easier as a man when you can live it as what it was intended to be, not how it was marketed to you.