Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today I.....

Today I...
Brother Kojak
Today I laughed...
at the ridiculousness of posturing.
why posture when you are posturing for things that matter
only in the minds of a few?
why posture over a dream that is not yours but a dream of many?
Today I faltered...
as I've grow older
indecision becomes less acceptable
ironically enough
I accept it even less from others.
Today I cried...
as I realized where I've come from
what I've been through
and where I am.
I've been blessed and I'm happy to say so
Today I reflected...
with the opinion of my friend
who in her own way is an insider looking out
at a world that is mine but will never be hers
Today I anguished...
over the youth who I've been there for
and who've been there for me.
their pictures have planted a burning image in my soul
their youthful faces
their laughter
their ravenous appetites for everything!
all masking the chaos of their daily worlds
temporarily shielded by the services
and the environment I helped provide.
I miss you guys.
and yet tomorrow
I will be...again.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

School Sucks

Or maybe its just my schedule. I have 2 classes back to back in the same room from 5:30 to 10:30. Wed. I have class from 5:30-8:30 in the same room. Sucks. its very tiring given that I go to workout early in the morning, work, then have school. On the 3 days I dont have a formal workout, I have baseball practice. This week I guess my body was like "hell no!" because I missed the workout 2 days in a row. But I dont feel anywhere near as tired which is good too because I have a test on Wed. I dont have much to blog, just blogging in case you guys missed me. Soon I will have a guest blogger. My man Zoph from the Illadelph will be writing to describe his summer experience with yours truly. This should be rich.

What else is going on? That's about it. I'm so glad to hear that my Texan friends are ok after Rita's rolled thru. Unfortunately, it seems she kicked New Orleans in the teeth. From the little bit of engineering background I have, I think they may have to start from scratch for at least SOME of the areas down there. Its evident that the initial civil engineering was unproductively creative at best. Civil engineering technology nowadays is way past some big ass levees. Its time to implememt.

You wanna talk about selfish? Man, all those southern evacuees and you know what my biggest worry has been this weekend? Activating my new phone. Its a Samsung Palm phone, and from all the headaches I've initially had from it, its gonna be worth its weight in gold. First I get it, and couldn't download the drivers to it. That means no syncing Outlook. Tried that on 2 computers. No dice. Ok, then I decide to walk to the Sprint store and have them transfer my numbers and change my phone number to a local area code. No dice. They couldnt do the number change because its a palm phone. They couldn't do the phone number change because Sprint no longer allows stores to do number changes. 20 minutes in line for nothing. Then today, I try and change my phone number, did so sucessfully, but too bad I was on the middle of a highway so I couldnt follow thru. I tried changing the number according to the customer rep's instructions, no dice. So I call the help line. 45 minutes on holdwith no operator. I go study with my girl CrazyHair and while I wanted to kick the shit out of her yelping, over-priced puppy, I called Sprint again only to get a customer rep. who gave me another Sprint number. THAT number was the number to Sprint technical services....FOR SPRINT EMPLOYEES. How the FUCK am I supposed to get service from the employee service line when I ain't no damn employee??? Stupid ass.
So finally I get a service rep who knows what the hell he is doing. Now I have to figure out how to get these drivers to work for the PDA. Damn, you'd never know that I did this shit for a living....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

As The Mind Wanders

As I am writing this, I’m struggling to stay awake in my 1st class of the evening. Man…I was trying to eat well today, but I think I over did it. Especially given what I did. I joined the gym’s Boot Camp. 3 days a week, ½ an hour each day of ballbusting hell. All I ate all day was a protein bar with coffee, tuna fish sub and a pretzel. Not a whole lot of fuel when you are tired. The class is worth it though. We do strength-training, agility, and power which is just a little different from the strength training. We have a really diverse class too; a dean, a couple of administrators, and me, jonny low-on-the-totem-pole. Won’t go thru all the different excercises but I tell you one of my weird habits. I wear the tight running tops. Not because I’m cut like that. Not even close. I wear them to remind myself of how shitty a physique I have so I can work harder. When you are down on the floor and in push-up position and you look in the mirror and see that gut damn near touching the ground, you get that extra push-up going.

My new mistress, Fall Ball is going great (to me at least). Damn, I don’t remember if I mentioned that. I’ve got a couple of guys together to play baseball at school. Yesterday was our 1st practice. We weren’t even on a baseball field, but we have batting practice (BP) and a little fielding practice. I pitched BP. Damn if felt good. Adult sports in a team environment. No kids. No girlfriends. I almost got a “no chic around” hard on. We men get those from events like this; watching wrestling matches with the fellas, card night (farts included), weight-lifting in full sweat and so on. Friday is the next practice with Happy Hour to follow. I get siced! I may have picks for a select few of y’all. Some of you already know the link. I should have it updated tomorrow.

The catch phrase is “Don’t you agree with me here?”

Jumping the Broom

I know, I know....white people don't jump the broom, BUT THAT'S WHAT WE CALL IT DAMNIT!!!

**tapping MGD bottle** Attention, attention. I have an announcement. Congratulations are in order and shit for Zulu and her new manz and dem. They are scheduled to jump the broom at the broom's earliest convenience. Congratulations y'all. May your lives together DEFINITELY NOT turn out to be the living hell mine did.

Just kidding, just kidding. Just don't have any kids, man. I don't think the world can handle SP and Zulu offsprings.

Please show them some love on her site.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Catch Phrase

Ever had a professor that had a catch phrase? Let me make sure I'm explaining this right. When we as people speak, most of us insert a sound or a word to help link sentence. The most popular is "uh". (And damn is THAT annoying!) Some people speak in thoughts per say and need entire sentences (usually questions) to tie sentences. Some of my Philly peeps would say "n'Yamean-man?". Boricua Smurf would say "ju know wha'...?". I once had a professor, my favorite of all times, Dr. Wang who would say in a think Chinese accent "Makes sense to you?" but sounded more like "Make cent to you?" It was great! Through the boredom of learning Oracle programming, that was closest to comic relief. Well, except for when I accidently walked into the woman's bathroom on that same floor; but that's a different story.
The new catch phrase is from my TCP/IP professor who says in his Middle Eastern accent "Do you agree with me here?" when in actuality on the first day of class, this one kat DID NOT agree with him.
Professor: When a packet is delivered, what remains constant and what remains the same?
Dude: The IP address changes.
Professor: No, the IP address stays the same! It is the MAC address that changes between routers.
Dude: That's not possible. The MAC address is on the computer. The IP address can always change.
Professor: It could but it does not. The packet must move through the network so the MAC address changes between routers and IP address does not change, do you agree with me here?
Dude: no I don't!

That was some funny shit, man. Do you agree with me, here?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm Swole Up

For those of you who know me, you will know that I'm a bit conceited so the last thing I need is a compliment. Welllllllllllllllllllll, I got a great one yesterday. I was in the Big Kahuna's office explaining how a the laptop needed this and that to the office manager and the admin when out of the blue the office manager says "I'm sorry to intterrupt, but did you ever act or model? You are a truly beautiful man! With those eyes and such straight teeth. My goodness!"

Shhhhhh. Hear that? That's the sound of my head inflating like a hot air balloon.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


What are you an advocate of? The homeless? Animal Rights? The re-release of Beavis and Butthead? And even more interesting than that, what do you think I advocate?

I can tell you what I definitely don't advocate: the handicapped. Why? Because they get all the good shit; nice parking spaces, the big ass toilet stall. They need that stuff because society can be very negligent of people who are not among the "normal". However, sometimes they take it a little too far. Like the story I heard over the radio about the guy trying to take a dump in the handicap stall and was harrassed by a guy outside of the stall in a wheelchair EVEN THOUGH there was another handicap stall available. Or like today when I was on the phone and walking out of the building. This disabled woman (she used the crutches with the arm slots) was sitting just outside the doors smoking a cigarette. I opened the doors and walked out. After taking about 2 steps I hear her yell "hey!" I turned around and she says "That was my crutch you knocked over." Apparently the crutch was keeping the door open so she wouldnt be locked out and I tipped it over inside the building. "Oops. I'll go get that for you." So I walk back thru the building and get her crutch. Ok, here's my thing; you are already handicapped so why are your gonna do something that's gonna fuck your body up even more? And how the fuck was I supposed to know that you cropped the door open with your crutch? She wasn't pissed or anything but she was still like "can't you see I'm trying to get my smoke on?" It was crazy. I should have said "oh yeah? Will gimmie that other damn crutch!" And through that shit in the street.

heheehhe...that's fucked up. I can see her now yelling at me now "That's aight, that's aight. I can't get you, but SOMEBODY will! You black long-haired bastard!"

Oh MAN! Wheew! Ok, I'm going to the store to get my gasoline-line draws for my express trip to Hell. See y'all later.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hassan CHOP!

Do y'all remember when I was trying to get my machete sharpened I scared all the little latino children? Well, I STILL haven't gotten my shit tightened up. Glueman's father-in-law was to sharpen it, but he stormed off of the golf course and went home sans machete. Oh snap! I GOTTA tell y'all about that:

Glueman and A-Train (Glueman's trainer) were on the golf course and invited FIL (father-in-law) along. Like all golf courses, there are usually 2 places to tee off. This 1st hole had 3; one for the good hitters, one for scrubs, and one for old men and ladies. A-Train teed off where the pros did, and Glueman at the scrub spot. FIL decided to go pro even though he hadn't played in years. A-Train hits his ball. Then Glueman. On FIL's turn, takes his swing and whiffs it. 2nd attempt. Whiff dois. The course marshall sees this and says "Sir, you might want to move up to a different tee because of your skill-level."
"My skill-level, huh? Alright." he responded. On the way to his ball he grumbled the entire time to Glueman. When he got to the ball, he hit it again, a little better than the first, but still shitty. Another marshall came by and offered some asssistance. " Sir, would you like a ride up the hill to your ball?" FIL's response?
"Fuck you, fuck this course, and fuck this game." Picked his shit up and walked away. Keep in mind this is a 74 year old man who is sem-handicapped. He walked the 2 miles to Glueman's house and went home.

Hehehe...that's too funny, but back to my machete. FIL was supposed to sharpen it, but because of the golf fiasco, I doubt he did. I need it because I use the machete to chop overgrowth and ward off stray dogs. Yes, stray dogs. We have a stray dog problem in the neighborhood and when I see one, my shit needs to be ready on my hip, son-son! Yesterday was the first day that I cut the lawn without it in a few years. Luckliy there were no stray dogs, but there was plenty of overgrowth. I had to get the 2 hand cutters to cut shit down. That's just no fun. I get that feeling of the ancestors when I'm choppin', or I can pretend to be a maniacal Rastafarian. "Bloodfire!! I and I a chop yurass!!" Hey, it makes work fun. So I had to get the cutters, snap the branches and move them away. With the machete I could have just kept chopping until the shit was dust. So yesterday's yardwork was some shit, I quit after about 45 minutes and did like FIL "Fuck you, fuck this yard, and fuck yardwork."