Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Aight, y'all. Here goes....

Seems like I'm not the only one feeling Vivica for the WW role. So......if you have cell phone and about 5 minutes, call (310) 288-8000. That'll get you in touch with her agent's office and they will ask you a couple questions. Who knows? It may make a weird, demented type of difference.

I'm so bitter today. Today was supposed to be a laid back day but instead I spent 2 hours of it on the highway trying to get to DC. That's fucked up. I wasn't even going to work man.

Random Observations:

Taking a nap in the sunlight (direct or indirect) is great.
When did young brothas start skate boarding? Why didn't I get the memo?
Where do I boogers come from?
If YOU were just award a doctorate from a prestigious institution, wouldn't you be jumping around all over the place as if it were the Price Is Right?
As a husband, why am I always wrong? Ain't I suppose to get an annual pass or something?
Today would be a great day to be at a beer festival.
Who the hell wears an FBI baseball cap if they ain't in the FBI?
I've seen 2.....count 'em.....2 white women with nice rumps. That's got to be a record.


Blonde Ambition said...

You thought of all of those random thoughts while stuck in traffic for 2 hours didn't ya?

Only 2 white women with nice rumps? Was that only today or in your entire life...cause I know they are out there :)

prosine said...

Now Rico... what do you mean only two white women with decent rumps???? I know you mean today cause I know two that do!!! And so do you!! LMAO!! You're too nice Blonde!

WebmasterMama said...

He knows more than 2... and obviously doesn't get out much if he only has seen two in one day. :)

Zulu said...

My sister and I are 2 white women with rumps...maybe I'll take a photo next time I am with her so we can make your number 4 instead of 2. :)

Brother Kojak said...

Wow. All the white girls are claiming their asses! I thought white girls hated if they had big butts. And, what I was refering to was 2 that I had seen this week (and yes, the number still stands at 2 **smile**). And when I say nice rumps, I mean SISTA-like butts...str8 ONIONS. Like they were hiding a giant-sized apple in the back of their pants.

Hmm....I forsee a White Girl Baby Got Back Contest coming to fruition.