Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Credit where credit is due

I'd like to give a shout out to fellow blogger WebmasterMama who INDEED taught me how to bachata. I must have sucked when she was teaching me cause I dont remember all that! But I felt the figurative cold steel to my head as I read the comment:

At 10:55 AM, WebmasterMama said...
Didn't someone I know teach you bachata???

thanks mami.....**smile**

I guess while I'm here I can type in my entry for today. Unfortunately, I don't have anything of true interest to add today. I am jive-like tired because I crashed over my cousin's house which forced my son and I in the same bed. Man. That little boy makes these weird old man sounds that just blow my mind. Its like a "**smack, smack, GULP! mmm" sound. That's my best way to describe it literally. I retreated to the living room chair and ottoman downstairs. I'm still milking those 3 hours of sleep.

I had a blog a couple of years ago on a different site. I'm going to move it here because all of the people who joined that site are no longer there and that was the primary way of keeping in touch with them without committing to a phone call or email. So look for those entries that will be marked for your viewing and chin rubbing pleasure.

next blog entry.....White people mac and cheese versus black people mac and cheese.


WebmasterMama said...

You don't remember Latin Palace? Oh man.... and you didn't suck which is why you can dance it. Thanks for the shout out. Lessons are still available out here in the country for those interested... :-)

Jay said...

Good thing your son is so cute, right?
Can't wait for the mac and cheese feature!