Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ladies....A Serious Matter

YES!! I can be serious too!

I don't like bringing down the vibe of my blog unless something that has happened that has touched my heart and soul.

Today I went to the Sprint store to get my phone repaired. While standing in line I heard a familiar voice say behind me "What are you doing here bothering us early in the morning?" It was a woman I've grown to like (platonically) named Jesse. I approached her and gave her a big hug. When I was close to her something was different in her appearance. But we men need to leave that alone because lots of women like to flip their appearances for various reasons. Anyway, she said "I'm glad you came by because this is my last week before I take medical leave."
"Oh? What's wrong? You aight?"
"I have breast cancer and my chemotherapy is getting harder to deal with. I just stay tired all of the time."

Whoa. Ton of bricks

Ergo the difference in appearance...wig, sunken eyes, and dark knuckles. I didnt know whether to be sympathetic or proud. Why proud? Because her was another sister, the 2nd one I've know in the past year or 2 who is fighting breast cancer with true strength, vigor, and dignity. She could have started waiting for me to give the long-drawn out "I'm sorry" and "thats so terrible". Instead, she matter-of-factly explained what was about to happen, took my phone and walked to the backroom to repair it. Yes, she may have been thru the denial stage and all that other shit about the stages of grief, but all I know is that Jesse has her head up and will not go down with a can of ass whopping fight.

I didnt want to go deep into that because I have studying to do but that really touched my heart, for real. So ladies, please, please, PLEASE begin to adopt the Breast Cancer Prevention Buddy System. What you are supposed to do every 2 months is remind a friend that it is time to do your self-check. She is supposed to return the favor. And it is also important to get your annual mammogram. Your insurance sucks, you say? I think it would suck more to be blind-sighted by and illness that can kill you. I also think it would be worth the $700 for an out-of-pocket mammogram or to head to the community clinic. Do that today please. I've seen the stages of breast cancer consuming once beautiful women into beings who have death lurking near them until they succumb. Some of you I know pretty well. That's not something ANYONE should experience from any perspective. Thanks ladies; and I'm sure your family will thank you as well.

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Anonymous said...

;-) Ok Gato, I'll take this matter to heart and look into getting my yearly exam. Muah! Muah! Muah! Tu sages Gato, tu sabes...