Saturday, November 27, 2004

Dedicated to Tom and Dem II

I’m just being silly. So we adults made tiny plates for ourselves while the kids played. We talked amongst ourselves and were later joined by CalientePrima, Silly’s HOT cousin who happened to sit next to me. Now, I’m the kind of man where if you sit next to me, and give the laugh with the pat on the shoulder, or sit so close that our legs have continuous incidental contact, I’m going to think you’re interested. But I was told by WhatAboutMe that she only digs the Dominican brothas. I don’t have enough sazon in the blood for her tastes. So that was a question mark most of the night in my brain. So much so that I had to sit somewhere else to force the issue of her not being interested. Given the state of my marriage and my level of poverty, a date is nowhere in the near future. I’ll get back to the marriage issue on a slow blog day.

Later into the night after swearing off alcohol, I went ahead and had some wine. ( I wasn’t going to drink because I usually drink beer and beer is mucus forming. Currently I’m fighting some type of respiratory infection.) I was warned by Silly that HISYPOTI’s dad likes to get his guests lit. I made the mistake of asking him for the wine. Here’s the convo:

Papi: What are you looking for?
Me: The wine….vino.
Papi: Ahhhh!! El vino. Esta ahi.
Me: Ok, cool. Gracias. (He pours) Whoa! That’s enough.
Papi: Oh, but there is only a little in the bottle. Why don’t you drink?
Me: Nah. Save that for later. I’ll… back.
Papi: Ok. I save this for you.
Me: Gracias Papi.
Papi: Happy…(thinking about it) Thanksgiving Day!
Me: Si, Feliz El Dia de Gracias!
Papi: Si!

So I drink my drink, and dance with the Birthday Girl. (Yes, it was a Birthday/Thanksgiving affair) She was shocked that I knew how to dance bachata. “Where are you from?”
“Oh, I’m American. (pause) I’m just very well rounded.” Then I flashed her the killer smile. Force of habit. So after the dance I sit down next to CaleintePrima. Let’s just say I’m a glutton for punishment. Then I get a tap on the shoulder:

Papi: Hey! I been looking for you! Here is your wine.
Me: Oh…uh…thanks.
Luckily, the wine wasn’t too strong. Just enough to make get up and dance more. HISYPOTI was telling CalientePrima something about my size and height in Spanish. Then she asked me what size shoe I wear. When I told her she said “OH!” and pulled me closer. Funny.

I don’t think I’ve ever stayed out that late for Thanksgiving before. I didn’t get back to my parents’ house until about 1:30 am. It was difficult at first, but with the help and love from my friends Silly and WhatAboutMe I was able to cope with the feelings of sadness and emptiness that went along with my first Thanksgiving without my family.


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Didn't someone I know teach you bachata???

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