Sunday, December 26, 2004

Aunt Dizzy

People with special needs (mentally impaired, slow, retarded) are just like the rest of us, truly. Its just that they analyze and break things down at a different pace. Some are assholes, while others are loving and compassionate. My best "special needs" story was once me and my boy Cliche went to the Dunkin' Doughnuts and a special needs girl walked up to me and said hi. I said "Good morning. That's a very pretty jacket you have on." "Thank you." she replied and gave me a big hug.

Now, my Aunt Dizzy, she falls somewhere in the middle. She actually uses her impairment to get sympathy and preferential treatment, even during times that its unjustified. She's been notorious for saying "I can't do that...I try before, but I just can't get it." Yeah right. Sometimes, its justifiable, but other times she just be playin' all her life.

And of course, there are the times where she just doesn't know and doesn't understand. There was this one Thanksgiving where some of us were in the basement and she was playing it up with a stomach ache. "My stomach hurts!" as she dragged her ass around. She repeated this until Darkness asked her "What's wrong, Diz?"
Aunt Dizzy: I'm sick. My stomach hurts.
Darkness: Oh wow. Do you know why?
Aunt Dizzy: I don't know. The doctor says I'm rotten on the inside.
Darkness (with incredulous look): Excuse me? What did you say?
Aunt Dizzy: I said the doctor says I'm rotten on the inside.
Darkness (serious look now, everyone else rolling on the floor): Huh? How can that be? If you were rotten on the inside, you would be real REAL sick, Diz!
Aunt Dizzy: That's what I said! I have to get it fixed and get myself together.

I don't remember anymore of the convo after that because I had either passed out from lack of oxygen from laughing, or ran off to the bathroom to clean the pee out of my pants from laughing so hard.

The moral of the story? Love and embrace those who appreciate being loved and embraced.

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Blonde Ambition said...

That is a wonderful moral. You know.....never was that moral so clear to me as when I was pregnant for my daughter and after enduring testing prerequisite for my age at that point in time, the doctors told me she quite possibly would have Downs about a wake up call. It has had the most profound effect on my dealings with those having any type of special needs.