Thursday, December 16, 2004

Math Finals

Damn yo...I had to take a break! Shit! My brains are so fried, I can't tell a pig's rooter from the tooter. But I bet I could tell you if its isomorphic, its standard deviation, median, number of vertices, or to analyze it using Euler or Gauss matrix technique.

Quick snaps....

My stomach growling was noticably loud. Embarrassing. Not like I'm even hungry.

Came into the bathroom and saw the guy who blew the mo fo up. He gave me this look like "Damn. you caught me." at least he washed his hands.

Thurs. afternoon and the celly is blowning up. WTF? Any other Thurs. nada. And of course, no Jessicas calling me but thats a given.

I need to quit both my full time and part time jobs. I think I'm over-compensating the child-like energy because teenage girls are giving me the look over. Fellas, don't that just hurt your feelings? I mean, yes, this is a young woman giving you the look over and what can YOU do? Tell her don't do that? Get her phone number? NO! Is it a compliment or an insult? I don't know...I'm torn and shit.

You can tell when the tuition money is about up at U of B when its cold in every building. Damn heat on strike. Where is that chic with the little girl coat when I need her? (see WTF's entry)

Black people word of the day: sausases. Translation: sausages. Used in a sentence: "I like sausases in the mo'ning with my grits. I don't never put sausases on pizza. That there is breakfast food!"

Wish me luck. I'm out.


Anonymous said...

You know the only reason he washed his hands is cause you were watching him! How many times have you been in the bathroom and see someone walking out as soon as they leave the stall they were in. I see the womenses do it all the damn time! Or how about the ones who don't want to be blatantly nasty. They "politely" rinse their hands with just water? Eeeewwwww.........

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