Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Hootnanny

...So today I had a meeting with a potential client. It went well too; I think he will use my services as soon as he has all of his stuff in order. We met at the perfect spot for small-business to small-business commerce; Borders Books. Love that spot! Intelligent people (mostly of color) browsing for books, munching on snacks and at every few tables you see 2 or more people reviewing information for a potential LEGAL business transaction. Almost like a New Jack Harlem. Ain't life grande?

Now, the Hootnanny. And you may ask yourself "Self, what is a Hootnanny." Well, I'm glad you didnt ask me because I DAMN sure don't know! To find out, I put on my Boy Scout shirt, my son puts on his Cub Scout shirt, and we go to the Pack meeting. What we were supposed to do was go out caroling and make reefs out of fruit. Thats all well and good, but this was to be done 28 degree weather. I said "You done lost your monkey-ass mind! I aint gettin' no five for this!" (well, I said that to myself) I lasted about 15 minutes before I had hallucinations from the ancestors (west African accent):
"Bruda Williams...what are U doing? You know we were neva, EVA worked in de cold of cold. The plains of A-free-ca are free of snow. Dis is NOT de place for YOU!"

"Uh.....I gotta pick my wife up from work. I'll see you guys."

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Blonde Ambition said... a boy scout shirt????????????? DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my....