Saturday, December 04, 2004

Weekend Field Trip

But earlier today, The group I work with took about 20 kids to a video recording studio at Bowie State University. There they showed them some of the basics of the studio and got the opportunity to not only produce a short show with the King and Queen of Bowie State, but also do their very own weather and traffic report. Although my son was the youngest, I must admit he was the best one. Talent just RUNS in the fam, n'yamean?

The one thing that I CANNOT go without mentioning was the ride over there. The bus driver, God bless her, wore these thick-ass magnifying glass type glasses and drove like she was about 30 years her senior. I wanted to say "Damn, I could out run this bus." But I thought better of it. But I digress....when we were finally pulling into the university, I overheard one of the convos going on in the back of the bus..."

"You know, all roaches have antlers...."

Antlers? Antlers? Now, instead of doing the adult thing and correcting him from the word "antlers" to "antennae" I sat there and pondered how could he come up with such a thing. Meanwhile, the convo persisted.
"Yeah, and they got wings too."
"They ain't got no wings, man!"
"Yes they do! They just don't fly."

....I suppose if you looked at a roach at a glimpse, you would think they have antlers...I mean a real quick look....

"Uh huh. I seen one fly before. It flew from Tasha's braids out the window."

...but what if roaches really DID have antlers instead of antennae? Would they still have the same function as the antennae based on the roaches need? Of course not! Well, shit. I don't know...

The bus stops and we begin to disembark. One mother says to a group of the kids "Damn! Can't never take y'all no where. Y'all stay ghetto!"
And one of the more laid-back boys of the program shrugs his shoulders and answers "That's where we from."

And later that evening.....
We were all worn out by our outing with the kids. It was time to chill. At my parents' house, that means beverages and all kinds of potato chips. We had guests over the house as well and one of them had a cold. Do you know after she wiped her nose with a Kleenex no soon after she stuck her hand in the bag of chips? I didn't see the incident, but I know that my parents are SERIOUS about potato chip night. Everytime I mention the incident, they both get bitter.


Anonymous said...

Mmm hmmm....Potato chips and a cold just don't mix. That's some serious stuff! It's just as bad as double dippin! Oh and about those roaches, I know for a fact they fly! That's some serious stuff too. Shit! As far as I'm concerned they may as well have antlers.

Anonymous said...

This was freaking hilariousk!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they were talking about roaches!!! And roaches flying from someone's braids!! LOL!!

And ILLLL!! Snotty potato chips!! LOL!!!!

Potato Chip Night: Doesn't sound completely HEALTHY!!!