Friday, December 17, 2004

Macaroni and Cheese Rebuttal

Yes! White women have spoken in defense of their grandmothers, aunts, and dem. This is a 2 part series attacking my Macaroni and Cheese thesis. How dare they! One thing that seems to be missing from the rebuttal comments and emails, is the welfare block of cheese. Sure, your grandma MAY have baked her macaroni and cheese, but did she use the "brick" cheese? I think not!! Here is Part I of the back and forth between myself and my white friend, Raquel.

Raquel: so i can be a punk and still know you love me!
kojak2000: yeah yeah
Raquel: even if i eat white people's mac-n-cheese
kojak2000: OH! you read that huh?
kojak2000: see? you don’t know what’s good!
kojak2000: lol
Raquel: no.. that was very racist of you
Raquel: you never had my mac-n-cheese!
kojak2000: ok....break it down for me then
Raquel: and i call it that cuz im lazy.. not cuz its a side dish
Raquel: lol
kojak2000: see? its not racist, theres a big difference there
Raquel: i dont see
Raquel: and i have two different mac casserole recipes
kojak2000: you didn’t read the got offended and didn’t pay attention
Raquel: no i read it
Raquel: all of it
kojak2000: so what was racist??
Raquel: the part about the poor black folk and the block of cheese that you couldn’t cut
kojak2000: its TRUE
Raquel: omg!!
Raquel: yeah.. but that doesn’t mean that because I’m white i cant cook mac cheese
kojak2000: what are u trying to say?
Raquel: or because i call it mac cheese, that i don’t love it just as much
kojak2000: for real
Raquel: i am! you be for real!
Raquel: lol
kojak2000: I pointed out a difference. White people cook mac & cheese differently. And then I explained why
kojak2000: that by no means is racist
Raquel: there are different recipes
Raquel: i will give ya that
Raquel: but you cant say that because im white i can't cook the aaaawwwwww shit! mac cheese
kojak2000: I never said you couldn’t
Raquel: yeah ya do
Raquel: when white people make mac cheese people smile politely
kojak2000: right
Raquel: like its oh god.. not that stuff again
Raquel: lol
kojak2000: lol
kojak2000: oh man.....based on the typical recipe...yes
kojak2000: wouldn’t you??
Raquel: nope!
kojak2000: velvetta and noodles???
Raquel: oh god no
kojak2000: compared to the welfare block??? You must be smoking that stuff
Raquel: shredded longhorn & colby cheese
kojak2000: hehehhehe...ok
kojak2000: I'll have to try that one day **as I smile politely**
kojak2000: LOL...j/k
Raquel: fuck you
Raquel: lol
Raquel: ;-(

kojak2000: I'm telling you.....
kojak2000: folks used to get that back in the day…and had no idea what to do with it
Raquel: could it be its just what you are raised on?
kojak2000: not urban legend. fact
kojak2000: **sigh**
kojak2000: THATS WHAT I WAS SAYING!!!!
Raquel: oh that’s what you meant
Raquel: men.. never mean what they say, and never say what they mean.
kojak2000: black folks were raised on the casserole-ish mac and, I said that
kojak2000: I insinuated one was better than the other, but that’s personal preference
Raquel: i was raised on the casserole mac cheese too
kojak2000: did you ever have the casserole-type?
Raquel: i have had more types of mac cheese than you can imagine
kojak2000: that’s not what I asked you
Raquel: i really like the kind that has that crunchy stuff on top
Raquel: yeah you bake it in the oven
kojak2000: now see.....that is DEFINITELY white folks style. Only things crunchy we eat are fried
kojak2000: lol
kojak2000: and...that’s just cultural difference
kojak2000: plain and simple.
Raquel: frying isnt heart smart
kojak2000: you right! thats why we die earlier too. Real dumb


Anonymous said... you love her like that??

WebmasterMama said...

I was raised on the casserole type. And maybe it wasn't the block of cheese but dangit, I grew up in an all-white town that was racist. My grandma made it from whatever cheese she had because they lived on the wages my grandpa made first by working at the gas station - as an attendant - that's it - and then by working at the hospital. They had nothing but her mac n' cheese was the best ever. I wouldn't say your post was racist - just short-sited. I mean, what would you say if I said black people only ate fried chicken for dinner every night and watermelon all summer long?