Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend Hi-jinks

You know, I used to measure the fun level of the weekends based on whether I got laid or not. 2 weekends in a row, still got an ashy dizzat, but I had fun. Sunday wasn't fun because Sunday is always Cub Scout day and THAT shit is getting old. I drove the Offspring to his grandmother's for Church Marathon and picked him back up a few hours later. All day, all chores. But let me supplement Sunday with this....white kids, is bad. At the Pack meeting, dirty nosed white kids all over the place. Running, giggling, knocking shit over. All of them needs they asses whopped and I'm volunteering my services.

Saturday was a different story. I met up with Webmaster Mama at Gardell's and did the salsa thang. It was my first time there (reluctanctly) and I was really nervous because I got the impression that that was a serious salsa spot. No prob; they gave salsa lessons in the beginning just like my tried-and-true spot.
I don't know if it because I suck more than the last time we danced or she's gotten way better, but either way she was impressive! Way past basic shit; her and her peeps even did the rueda which was explained to me to be a Cuban equivalent of square dancing. Everybody doing the same moves simultaneaously and then changing partners. It reminded me of something you might see if the Super Bowl took place in San Juan.
It was a fun 2 hours though. Mama was a great dance teacher as she showed me a couple of moves and how of fix some of the issues I was having. I get siced!! The Long Island Iced Tea I had knocked me on my ass though. whew! Bartender Girl was seer-ious.

So that was Saturday night. Saturday during the day was good. Very amusing. First, JuneCleaver told me about a sale at one of the local Goodwill's. Everything half priced. This works for me because I am on this blazer kick. I've been wearing blazers with mocknecks and regulars. Just tired of wearing sweatshirts. I told her this and she hipped me to the jive. On the way over there, I saw 1.) a grown as girl driving a car sucking her thumb 2.) a young buck selling "fruit baskets" that consisted of a couple apples and oranges in a plastic bag. Need I say more?
Then I get to Goodwill. Found a jacket; get it. $4. Yes Sirrrrrr! I get outside, and the oddest thing happens. This older kat with Gingervitus and the Cavity Creeps approaches me:

Gingervitus: Hey! Today is your lucky day!
Me: Oh for real?
Gingervitus: Yeah. I forgot my scissors and you got one braid too many.
Me: ha ha.
Gingervitus: Wait. Befo' you go, I was wonderin' if you was hacking* today.
Me: Hackin'? Naw, man. I don't hack.
Gingervitus: No? I was wonderin' if you could take me to Florida.
Me: Florida??? Is you crazy? Naw, man. I ain't hackin' and ain't NOBODY going to no Florida!
Gingervitus: Come on bruh! I give you big money, big money.
Me: **shaken head** Naw, man.
Gingervitus: No bruh, I'm serious! I got big money! Look!
And sure enough, Gingervitus had big money. In his hands he had a penny the size of a hamburger bun and a plastic roll of money the size of a water pipe in the other. You talking about somebody crying? THAT was me. I BUSTED out laughin'. I told JuneCleaver this same story but she wasn't feelin' it. I don't know, maybe she was baking a pie or something.

Damnit!! Blogging usually helps me thru my issues, but I am STILL bent up! I am about a week away from going to Baltimore St. and paying for some Wild Thing. The last time I was on the Block, there was this BANGIN' Cuban chic just waiting for me. **sigh**

If she still waitin', I might have to cash in some coins.

*hacking- the illegal act of providing transportation services without a Commercial Drivers License


chaparritadeoro said...

BK, I couldn't help but laugh out loud on this one. You always run into some crazy shit!

Brother Kojak said...

Right right.

Crazy attracts crazy I guess.

BTW...when the hell are YOU gonna post something?

chaparritadeoro said...

I know, I know...I fell off man!

WebmasterMama said...

You were a good learner... You could do well if you'd stop taking lessons from the idiot at LP!!!

Brother Kojak said...

LOL!!! Why dude gotta be an idiot? He's for damn sure a showoff. That's why you can't learn nothing. Everytime he sees you picking up something, he goes "now try this..." then you get all fucked up.