Friday, January 06, 2006

A Plea to You Monkeys

Ok...I am going to reveal one of my weaknesses. I am a damn glory hog. i like the lime light, and I like acknowledgement. Not necessarily attention, but acknowledgement. So, I'm asking you all to acknowledge my black ass by nominating me for a bloggie. Best Blog? Hell no! I ain't rockin' like that. But I think I am niiice enough for the Best Kept Secret. So instead of looking for boobies on my site, go put your votes in and blow my head up a few more inches. I'm putting my votes in for some of the sites I enjoy too. I'll leave those sites anonymous because I don't know if any of those writers wanna be out there like that. Anyway, put your votes in, and do it before the 10th damnit!

Peace out, monkeys.

Note: Did I ever mention that the word "monkey" is my favorite word?


prosine said...

Monkey #1, mission completed!

Brother Kojak said...

Nice work!

Blonde Ambition said...

Monkey #3 has her vote in! lol

Oops....better go back and change it, I voted for you in a different transgendered community. OOPS!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Brother Kojak said...