Monday, January 16, 2006

NFL In Review: St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams could not get it going this season. They had the same issues with injuries that other teams did one time having turned to the 3rd string quarterback (A Harvard grad who just so happened to blow up his 1st game only to be shot down to Earth on his second).At the forefront were the coaching issues. You talk about dispicable; your head coach gets hospitalized indefinitely and is replaced by the Linebacker Coach Joe Vitt in the interim. Then has to sit out for a minute after a medical procedure to get replaced by an interim-interim head coach. When the 1st head coach is up and ready to coach again, president of the team John Shaw who initially said he would be shocked if Martz returned quickly back-pedaled to leave Martz on hold while porn star look-alike Vitt maintained control of the field. Now after the dust settled, Vitt is out and so is Martz.

So far the interviewees for the head coaching job are all re-treads including Jim Fassell who was the Offensive (definitely offensive) Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. What makes him a great replacement coach? Well, he coordinated the league's 3rd least productive offense! Of course he deserves a spot as a head coach!

Maybe with their QB returning and some state of peace from the front office will give the Rams the chance to shine again. Most of the the tools are there except for 2 major components, leadership and stability. See y'all in the 2007 Draft.

"That's all I ever hear! Marshall, Marshall, MARSHALL!"

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derek said...

That's false advertising...

Marshall's milk has gone bad...hers hasn't :-).

derek said...

I wish that the NFC and AFC west could engineer a trade. The Chargers for the Rams. Then, the NFC West would look like this:

San Francisco
San Diego

Then, the AFC West would look like:
Kansas City
St Louis

You would replace those Niners - Rams snorefests with Chiefs - Rams battle of Missouri games and No Cali vs So Cali battles (SFO v. SDG)

Plus, Arizona and San Diego are only 3.5 hrs apart.

Reese The Law Girl said...

Okay, wait a minute. That picture is an illusion. I know a thing or two about big boobs, and that pic looks like Copperfield is messin' with our minds. Of course your chest looks bigger when you're breaking your back to push it forward. Duh!

I'm disappointed, BK. You've broken your streak of non-imitation big booby girls in NFL jersies/baby doll t-shirts.

You should be ashamed...

[Reese walks away in disgust]

Brother Kojak said...

Derek: You right! But that is complicated. The trade should be for the Rams to stop being so shitty.

Reese: Wow, should I REALLY break this down for you? I know this girl and her boobage is enormous. The problem with the pic is that she is wearing a jersey as opposed to a tight shirt. She's actually not bent back because of boobage, but because the jersey is somewhat loose and she wanted (well.. I) wanted it to be tight

Reese The Law Girl said...

[Reese keeps walking, not listening to BK's obvious excuses]

Streak broken, BK. Streak broken.


derek said...


Even though you are an expert on big boobs (and I will not explain or divulge why), I would say no...those are really big :-).

If she were wearing a Cardinals jersey I would be like Kojak...hook a brother up!

Brother Kojak said...


O. K.....

derek said...

Yes, the Cardinals...they are my team...for some inexplicable reason. Them and the Browns (because I am from Cleveland).

WATTO said...
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