Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh Man!!!

I was going to post the raciest NFL In Review yet for you guys, but something is going on with Blogger. I think they are putting a hiatus on all uploads until the Microsoft's security vunerabilty is over. Either that or my job's server won't let me upload. I'm on it though. guys are gonna like this one. Brettman, I doing this for you, baby!!

Alisa and NeighborhoodGirl, if you are reading this, stay away from the blog for about 6, 7 more days. Hehehehe

real quick...the only thing I've been contemplating today is the supposed loss of a friendship. I have a platonic female friend who I used to be really tight with for about 4 years. Recently she decided to let her boyfriend move in with her. Great! She has not had a steady in a long time and this was only the second time she's let a man live with her. Serious relationship now. However happy she is now, our friendship as taken the knockout punch. She is rarely emails me (as oppossed to everyday), I never her call her because I feel like shit-filled pantyhose; you if I'm imposing with a stink. The conclusion I've drawn is that she's outgrown me and now wants to be totally settled. This includes seperating herself more from her past. I'll keep y'all posted because a dirty email is brewing in my brain.

A couple night ago I had a disturbing nightmare that was nothing but a movie commercial. WTF? I'm not going to talk about it yet because if I were to write a short story...that is going to be the premise of it and I don't want to ruin it. Again, I'll keep you posted.

Wish me luck with my uploads.

UPDATE: The post is up. Go scroll down to check it out.


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