Thursday, January 05, 2006

NFL In The Review: The Dallas Cowboys

"How 'bout them Cowboys???" The Cowboys were the "Little Engine That Could" team of the NFL. All season long was an uphill battle because of key injuries and sporatic play. Unfortunately, they were in the NFC East as opposed to the NFC North and just missed the playoffs by a game.
The questions that remain are what the hell are the Cowboys going to do about the QB postion? Bandaid Bledsoe is not the answer anymore. Will Kevin Jones loose his starting role? Sure looks like it!
One odd thing though, everytime you looked towards the sidelines, Bill Parcells had this "Who gives a shit?" look on his face. It was sad in way because thru the years he has been one of the most intense coaches ever. Now with the death of his brother, he is contemplating retirement. Just proof again that in sports the good ones come and go just like anything else.

now, THIS would have gotten the crowd fired up!

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