Sunday, January 15, 2006

NFL In Review: The Philadelphia Eagles

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Its bad enough that nothing is enough for the Eagles fans, but this season the Eagles made the mistake of proving them right. Their season reminded me of one of those Civil War epics; you have the general (Andy Reid), the dashing and heroic colonel (Donovan McNabb) and the rebellious outspoken colonel (Terrell Owens). Both colonels wanted to win battles, but were never on the same page. The general decided to remove the rebellious one from duty for the sake of the overall cause. Unfortunately, the other colonel was injuried in the line of duty. And so went up the white flag.

There is so much to say about this drama besides the immortal words of Rodney King. But this football team exemplified so much more than not winning football games. They demonstrated what happens when there's no leadership and no Plan C. It also showed how so few could have an effect on so many. And sadly, this epic ended totally the wrong way.

"I LOVE me some me!"

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Reese The Law Girl said...

Where do you get these pictures of big booby girls in tight, baby-doll NFL shirts?

I mean is there like a website or something that just has big booby girls in every team's baby doll shirt?

Men. You're so easy to please.

Brother Kojak said...

No Reese...its called Pimp Juice. Repeat after me...


LOL! Just kidding. Besides, a magician never reveals his secrets.

~KC~ said...

I think there is something you havent been telling us...thats really you in the booby pictures isnt it??? hehee

Blonde said...

No shout out for using my breasticles???? Sheesh.

Well written piece that wasn't anti-TO. My love for you grows more and more each day.

PS-- would love to drink some of your pimp juice ;)

Brother Kojak said...

KC: I am not that well endowed. :-P

Blonde: I was trying to keep the pics anonymous, but I forgot that you don't care.
here goes: Special shout out to Blonde and her beatiful breasticles stretching the hell outta that TO shirt.

I was gonna give coded shout outs when my NFL series was over. I have a few more pics to go. **smile**

chaparritadeoro said...

Damn BK, a love that grows and grows, and wanting to drink your pimp juice? Sounds serious. Anything you care to share with your readers?

Brother Kojak said...

Are you like the tejano Barbera Walters???


derek said...


No leadership. None.
Here's what I said on my blog about leadership and character:
I hope that, if the Bus does pull into the depot, he considers coaching. Guys like TO need coaches like him. Guys that will teach them. TO didn't go off the deep end because he's crazy. He went off because he felt like no one cared. I am not saying coddle him, but someone should have said "Yo, you are an Eagle now. We live and die together. You don't have to like me. I don't have to like you. But, on that field, it's you and me for 60 minutes." The Bus did that with a guy who could take his job, Willie Parker. Why couldn't anyone do that with TO?

derek said...

oh, and the baby doll pics are nice...I just wish there was a face with them :-).