Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wednesday's News

Today was a beautiful day for news. I talked to Jessica #1 today. She is doing great. As a matter of fact, she next week is her last visit to her oncologist. **STANDING OVATION!!** She says she feels like a crackehead fiending because her doctor is weaning her off of her medication. She is a cancer survivor and at one point had a 50% survival rate. And even though she has some drama with her man and some other issues, she managed to beat her cancer. You gotta love that. She's my heroin (the non-pokey kind).

I walk funny. I notice that shit everytime I see my reflection in a window. I think its the deformity caused by my obesity. The stomach pulls down harder towards the earth so that it looks like I'm constantly falling and I'm using my fat ass as a bouy. Trife. But so far I've lost about 8lbs and counting.

Remember that song by that real skinny gay dude with the pinstripped suit? Ok, so I discribed a sizable amount of the singers from back in the 80's. But I saw the guy who sang "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" in the supermarket. He was about 6' 20 with processed hair and so skinny that if he turned sideways he'd disappear. It was one of those weird flashbacks.

Asexuality is fucking with me. Weird dreams are beginnning. I'm going to spare the details (at least in this post) and just say that in the dream I had somebody bent over a couch and she was loving it.

Onion Update:
white girl onions for month of May: 4.
So far for June: 0.
From blogger(since May):1.

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Blonde Ambition said...

see??? I knew you were losing it on the asexualness lmao The chocolate milk was the first clue ;) hehehehe