Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Commando Ko

Once every 75 years Hailey's Comet passes thru our solar system.
Once every 17 years, the locust emerge from the ground.
Once every few years, there is a multiple eclipse.
Once every year or 2, I go commando.

That's right. Today I am briefless, horse with no Jockey, sans da draws.
"What happened?" you ask? Shit! I'd like to know myself! I came home last night knowing that I needed to wash clothes. But I was relying on having a pair of draws in my gym bag. I did have a pair, but they were dirty enough to walk by themselves. I desperately dug into my box (I'm still living out of an HP printer box) and all I could come up with was a pair of polyester shorts. "Hmmm....commando or having my ass and balls get gnarled by the burlap-like texture of polyester?"

Commando was the choice. So now I'm all self-conscience and I pray that this is not the day that I get into a serious accident so that mom won't ask " Did he have clean draws on?" and the reply would be "Shit no! He ain't even have on any draws! Question ma'am....were his pants originally brown pin-striped?"

I sent out an email so some friends to discribe me in one word. Please fell free to follow suit.

Last day of school, and these kids never cease to amaze me. You would expect a school full of truant, disfunctional, rude, and non-academically inclined kids to just abandon school on the last day. nope. We have about 20 kids here when we usually have about 45. Personally, I'm shocked. **Update: Seems that there IS a reason some kids came to school. Just 10 mins ago 2 students were found in one of the bathrooms boning. Efficient, cheap, but evidently not secluded enough.**

And you know whats good to me in the summer time? A cold glass of chocolate milk. Yeah. That creamy taste and smoothness running down your throat on a hot day. The beauty of the condesation hugging to the glass. The traces it leaves of mauve artistic smears inside the glass. The mark it leaves on the lid of your glass and around your mouth symbolizing the joy creates from one small glass of elixir....

Of course, this is out of the question today since I work in a hotbox with no circulation. The verdict? Farting in my own nose with no windows.


r. said...

commando and on the asexual tip... not a good combo platter, man...

Blonde Ambition said...

hmmmm.....with the switch to asexualness (I know ....NOT a word lol) seem to be transferring some of that good stuff to a glass of chocolate milk....that description of the glass of chocolate milk was actually erotic.....go figure lmao

Blondie :)