Thursday, June 23, 2005

These Dreams

It is now 4:14 a.m. and I can't sleep. Well, I can, but I'm too scared shitless to go back to sleep. When I have nightmares, rarely is the nightmare about me. Usually I'm watching whats going on, sort of like a movie you are forced to watch.
This one was wild as hell. It was about a sociopath step-father (starring...who? James Ingram?!??!) who married a woman who already had an adopted son. (She looked a little like my boss's wife {sorry, no pic. Just a regular ass looking sista} and the son was say an 18 or 19 yr version of Dolph Lundgren.) Ingram's son by some other woman is played by Mekhi Phifer who doesn't like either one of them but is the only person who Ingram genuinely wants to reach out to. The dream went like any horror flic when there is only one person who thinks there is something very wrong with said sociopath. What made it more impossible to believe that Ingram was nuts was Lundgren's personality. He was a big-time football jock who was never liked but respected by everyone in his high school. He is forced to come back home from college because of a career ending injury. So here you have 2 nuts in one household and the poor woman is just torn between the love of her son and her new husband. Throughout the dream, Lundgren's friends get killed off slow under the craziest of circumstances by Ingram. Unfortunately, what Lundgren sees is all circumstanstial. In the end, you think that the 2 are going to duke it out in the house which is what Lundgren wants. But Ingram is held back by the mother and kicks Lundgren out of the house with sledge hammer in hand. Lundgren walks away at peace and starts analyzing how he is going to put all the evidence together to have Ingram arrested. Besides that he's trying to figure out a place to live. Not so fast. When he gets to the park, he sees Ingram walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the park pushing what looks like a viola case with wheels and staring in his direction. A fire engine passes Lundgren and when it is gone, so is Ingram. Lundgren thinks "shit, he's way the hell over there. He can't do a damn thing." Wrong! This is a horror joint right? By the time Lundgren passes the park and crosses the busy street to continue his walk, boom. There is Ingram across the street staring at him with a twisted smile. Man! At this point I wanted to wake up, but I couldn't. So Lundgren picks up the pace and doesnt see Ingram behind him or across the street. But, up the hill comes a school bus that Ingram jacks (childless) and is approaching Lundgren. Lundgren manages to elude Ingram by crossing the busy street again. The problem is that this is the suburbs and there aint but so much sidewalk. So he's running up the hill of this busy street sidewalkless and damn if Ingram doesn't come again; this time behind him. Lundgren dives into the wooded area just missing getting hit by the bus. He runs thru that area up a hill where he reaches the back of a pharmacy (Rite Aid around these parts). He goes in thru the back, and in the front of the store, he sees Phifer and his boys. He approaches him about the whole thing of what just happened and gets the "fuck you AND that mutha fucka. " He looks playfully down the aisle "Shit! There go your Daddy right there!" And there is Ingram with something wrapped up tucked under his arm. He begins to rapidly approach. Lundgren in horror, tries to get away, but between Phifer and his boys, he is seriously slowed down.

That's when I woke my ass up. Scared-er than a mutha fucka! I think I had that dream because I have been reading in bits and pieces "The Corpse Had A Familiar Face" by Edna Buchanan. I've been reading that because I have this weird inclination to move to Miami and this book tells about the REAL Miami. One of the chapters was about a sociopath named Ray something. He detailed to her most of his murders because he thought he was going to get the death penalty. Well, he didn't because of our great legal system and actually was eligible for parole. Now, THAT was a scary kat too.

Before I forget, somehow in my horror dream I was about to get busy with a taller, less stocky version of a school mate of mine from George Mason who is now a notable television producer. GO figure.

One more thing....I have this reaccuring dream. In the dream I have to ride out to a funeral or to someone who is about to take their last breath. You know who I go to pick up in each of these dreams to ride with me each time? Fucking Norah Jones man! I aint even a fan which seems to translate into the dream. We never play her music or even her genre of music. All I know is someone will say "Aunt Sadie passed away last night. The funeral is Tuesday." I say something like "Aw that terrible. Let me go get Norah so we can going."
WTF??? And why does she go with me? Norah says "I don't like funerals or anything weird like that, it's just nice to get away." Also what comes out is the fact that no one at who's ever house we staying recognizes her and treats her normally. I think in one of the dreams an aunt or distant cousin of mine had her help straighten the living room because of people coming over for a reprise. Funny too, she has this thing for collard greens and corn bread.

All my B-more readers....know a good therapist? Oh! And if you can come up with an ending to the horror tale, that would be great. Otherwise my twisted little brain will hit rewind and I'll be hemmed up again in the near future.

Coming soon....The Ghetto Smurfs go to Appleby's. Eating good in the mutha fucken 'hood, sun!


r. said...

sweet... I used to be the star of my axe murdering dreams... those were the good days.. you should read "Deranged" the story of albert fish - the mufucka is loco...

~KC~ said...

wow...(thought id drop a comment =) its been awhile!) And I thought I had strange dreams...