Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend with Chappelle

I finally got the opportunity to see the Dave Chappelle Show dvd this weekend. Man, TOO hilarious. I highly reccommend it for all of those looking for something to put in your Friday night dvd rotation.

I also would like to reccommend the muder mystery Fearless Jones by Walter Mosley. Within the 1st 10 pages of the book, its on and doesn't stop. I WAS jealous of the main character though. Since I spent the weekend with the book, he got laid more than I did. Bitter about that.

I have a weird topic to discuss, that is asexuality. That's when a person has no desire to have sex or sexual activities. For me, this would be zen. I would love to be able to have this convo with a woman without later wanting to call up Rosie Palmer:

Woman: So, what do you think about my outfit? (uses her hands to gesture to her attire)

Me: Hmmm......Looks pretty good. Let me see it from the back.

Woman: (twirls around) Do you think its too tight around her? (rubbing her ass)

Me: No, no. It looks good. Really shows off what you got in a conservatively sexy way. The problem I have with top.

Woman: (faces me again) what's wrong with it?

Me: Well, when your nipples get hard, the tightness of the top REALLY accentuates that.

Woman: (covering her nipples) uh oh!

Me: Yeah, it does. But its ok. Very sexy.

Woman: Thank you sweety. You're the best!

Me: Hey! No problem. (exuent.....skipping)

Man....that would be so great! Then not having to go to bed all bent up, having to sneak the ugly chic in and out of your crib......Man! I could just read books and play ping pong.

Saturday my cousin graduated high school. He was a little mad that I didn't scream from the bleachers when they called his name. I thought he would have been embarrassed; and his parents are pretty conservative so I chilled. What's really is embarrassing is what happened at the very beginning of the graduation. There was a fight in the stands! Can you believe that??? A a graduation. And its not like this is some run-of-the-mill high school. This is one of the premier public high schools in the state. All of the graduates from that school can go to any public institution in the state. Auto-in. But they have peeps who wanna fight at the gradution. B-more at its best.

I would LOVE to hear some high school graduation day stories. Mine was me being stuck in Cincinatti. I had to leave school early because I got a scholarship to go to Tuskegee University. The plan was to leave early, take my finals down there, and come back to walk for graduation. Well, the plane was delayed in Montgomery for 3 hours and I missed the flight out of Cincinatti. Weeks later, I STILL hadn't taken my high school finals and I ended up taking them a week before my college finals down at Skegee. So to this day, I have yet to graduate school. Ain't THAT a bitch!

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WebmasterMama said...

I love Fearless Jones!! Great book!!