Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Party for the Boy! (yeah right)

Man, I am really slacking on this blog. I have plenty to blog about, but I really haven't been in a blogging mood lately. Also, its the summertime, I really dont want to sit on my ass for an hour and a half to blog. Blogging is very difficult at work because I dont have a sit down job anymore. So, bear with me until the fall hits and the like. Right now there are WAY too many sun dresses distracting me. Below is the blog entry I've been trying to write for 2 weeks. Trife.

Last Sat. was my cousin's graduation party. Well, not really because more of his parent's friend's showed up than his. Initially it was going to be a cookout, but because of the excessive heat, it was brought indoor with the most merciful AC. Funny how when blacks or latinos (mostly puerto ricans and dominicans) have parties for their children, its more for them. This party was no different. Instead of endless Mario, Mike Jones or Ludacris cuts, I compiled an mp3 cd of Joss Stone, Raphael Sadiq, Dwele, and Roy Ayers (among others). Liquor? Shiiiit! More beer than sodas or them damn Lil' Hugs for sure!
The party was a blast. There was plenty of good food and music. What was really great was that the Old Crew was together. Me, Glueman, Cannonball, and our incognito homeboy DirtyLou. Now that nickname is not one I concocted for the use anonimity, but that is his real nickname from back in the day. For what reason I have no idea. He was just as dirty as the rest of us as kids and he was very nice (no where near dirty as in low-down, dirty shame or something). I think we got the nickname for our love of pro wrestling and the presence of Captain Lou Albano. A little more background about DirtyLou; he was the 1st of us to get his degree, but he has yet to land a job over $40K and won't stay at a job longer than say....9 months. As soon as he has the SLIGHTEST conflict with a supervisor, he simply quits.

And there I go digressing again. So all of us were there laughing, Joning, drinking. It was great. Here were some of the topics discussed.

Why is Eva Mendes taking all of the roles in movies that were traditionally for Black women? This wasn't a complaint by any man in there, just an observation.
We ain't know. However, I after the party I asked my artsy fartsy lesbian cousin who said that Eva is getting all of those roles because for one she doesn't mind playing them (ladies, Denzel. Will. Would YOU??) and it is easier for a latina to be assimilated into the mainstream than it is for a black woman. If there is a black man and black woman as the main characters, then the movie is considered a BLACK movies. If its a black man and a latina (or any 2 minorities for that matter), then its just a movie that happens to have an interracial relationship. I agreed with her.

Who is the bangingest chic in the movies?
Eva Mendes
Gabrielle Union
The dark skinned chic that was in "Set It Off"
Stacy Dash
Nia Long
"Bird" from Soul Food

What were some of the best movies of all times?
The 5 Heartbeats
**there were more, but I was too busy laughing at the "Warriors" answer to hear the others.**

Now the most bothersome series of events was the interaction of DirtyLou and his homeboy. Everytime we have an event, DirtyLou never comes with a woman, he always comes with a homeboy or solo. Hmmm. I didn't even notice this until Cannonball says "Who's little girls are those?"

Me: Oh. Those are DirtyLou's friend's girls.

Cannonball: Oh aight. Where is she?

Me: She who?

Cannonball: DirtyLou's girl.

Me: No, no, no. His friend as in his homeboy, not his girl.

Cannonball: Ahhh. Aight den.

**exchange of "things that make you go 'hmmm" looks**

That lit the lightbulb. It got worse. Seems that wherever DirtyLou went, dude was sure to follow. I'M HOPING it was because he felt really uncomfortable around strangers. Otherwise, it was the other thing. OMG....what if??? And when we brought up the gay rumor (I'll blog about that some other time if you wish), he didn't really laugh. No real reaction at all really. I'm worried. Well, not really that much now because I come to realize I've known this man for 27 years. We practically grew up together. He still gonna be my boy. I still got love for him (even if he prefers the chocolate back alley over the creamy street....ish)

Katie Holmes may be the next Wonder Woman. Y'all know how I feel about that. I'm blown. Fuck Katie Holmes and Hollywood. And people get mad at me because I refuse to go to certain movies because there ain't enough black people in it. Hmph!


kissmybunny said...

this here..is some interesting ish....

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Brother Kojak said...

Zulu: you know how I feel about THAT. I am totally distraught and don't plan on seeing the movie it was shown free. (Unless the beer was free.)

Bunny: what's interesting? My boy staying in the closet or Katie Holmes being **gag** Wonder Woman?