Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm back!

And crazy refreshed. Man.....I BE FEELIN' GOOD! I got plenty 0f rest. The problem is, I don't have anything to blog! times of emergency, I'm gonna go random again.

How many of you are bi or trilingual? Either way, why do y'all speak in some other language, but use American curse words? Like "Vladimir....rtsh vut jer jher nyet. Bort tyervich shit vlifclto den."
"Da. Fuck shit gvht ayi riffi toock rie."
I noticed this at the Y today. Forgive me for my dilapidated Russian. I haven't pimped it in a while. And speaking of the Y, can you say "shower shoes"? I always were them regardless but after looking under one of the shower benches today I was CONVINCED that it was the only way to fly.

Flying. When I was on the airplane this weekend, some little bastard was kicking the shit outta my seat from the back. I figured I'd used the good ol' go to, Big Black Scary Man with Dreds but instead I targeted it at the parent. I caught his ass with my best BA Barracus stare and he veered ever so slightly. I saw him lean over and say something to the offspring and the kicking stopped. For a minute. I started thinking about all of the different ways I could squash that kicking. Turning around and saying "hey short-ta, hey short-ta! (shorty) YOu better cut that kicking shit out! Its a long ass fall from here to Buffalo!" Or the Dr. Spock way "You don't have to do that, Little Child. Its not very respectful. I wouldn't do that to you because I would want to be nice to you and respectful to you and shit. You would want to do that too, wouldn't you, Little Child?" By the time I figured out the best approach, the landing gear was down and the plane was banking port. I was relieved that I didn't because when we disembarked, I saw that the culprit was about 30 lbs and 28 inches tall. Still in a car seat. Whew!

Friendships are a funny thing. Its amazing that I have so many good ones. What plucks my chicken is when you finally consider someone a friend they do something stupid to fuck the thing up. The good thing is it doesn't hurt my feelings, its more irritating than anything else. **rolling eyes**

One of the radio stations in the DC area is calling June 6 (Monday) Sun Dress Day. All of the women in the DC area are asked to wear their sun dresses that day; even to work. Should be great one. **smile** Zulu, I've seen you in your sundress....very very nice.

One last thing, I will be publishing my 100 Things About Me, but I think I'm going to twist it a little. I haven't figured out how yet, but Imma do it just the same.

I'm out.


prosine said...

well at least you didn't get shot up with radio-active substances through the top of your foot today huh?

Brother Kojak said...

Yeah. I would say that that would qualify as a bad day.

Zulu said...

Have you been peeking in my windows? :)

Blonde Ambition said...

Nice imitation of Dr Spock! Glad you had a relaxing I need one of those....not in the foreseeable future unfortunately :(

Brother Kojak said...

Zulu: Yes
Blondie: hang in there, girl. SOmetimes you have to piss every one else off to be happy.

r. said...

here's a little russian (phonetically in english letters since they use a different alphabet) that you can use randomly in the shower room and watch the faces of your comrades...

yup ta va yu mot


Brother Kojak said...