Monday, July 04, 2005

**Yawn** Ok, I'm up

I have to applaud all of those who manage to blog every or every other day during the summer. I can't do it. Not that I am having such an exciting summer that I can't blog, but it is definitely harder with the sun out and the heat on. My kind of weather for sure. So to the my 3 loyal readers, I apolgize. To all of those waiting for the next episode of Ghetto Smurfs, gimmie until Friday; story is halfway done.

What have I gotten into all summer so far? Nothing exciting that I can think about. I haven't been offered a full-time job at the U of B as of yet. We shall see in the next couple weeks. There are trips to be planned, and I am growing in my acceptance of men who choose men. I told my wife the other night that I actually let a GAY man retwist my hair at the shop! I'm growing up and what not!

Friday we went bowling. Duckpins. Wife was pissed off at the man in the next lane who decided to take his son bowling. Well, he only did this as a way to let the bowling alley babysit his son because
1.) the kid was running halfway down the lane to throw the ball 2.) the kid got bored and started throwing the balls in the gutter on purpose. All this while the Dad of The Year sat there, watched, didn't say shit, and talked on the cell phone (obviously to his otherwoamn because he was grinning WAY too much). The manager had to tell him twice to stop the kids from running down the lane for fear of hiim busting his ass on the slippery hardwood. He'd say "hold on" then say "Offspring, don't do that.......Ok, I'm back." Then as I said before the kid got a tad bored and would just drop the balls in the gutter. So much so that an attendant had to go into the lane and push the balls down the gutter. Trife. We men can be so shitty like that sometimes. Been there, done that, but at the same time you don't allow your kid to be put in some form of harm while you getting your swerve on.

Sunday I went to a cookout at my co-worker, D-Money's house. She lives in a very exclusive area of a DC suburb. She's cool, but it definitely showed with the house. High ceilings and about 10 powder rooms. D-Money has an interesting circle of friends and an odd living arrangement. She lives with a man, but according to her, they aren't an item. Just friends. Hmmm... Here is are the list of folks I met:
  • a 20 yr old who already has written a book, gets paid for public speaking, is extremely politically active, and represented UNC in the collegiate Jeopardy Tournament.
  • his girlfriend who was just as sharp but not as ambitious.
  • his mom who had a mustache almost as thick as mine. Whoa.
  • an employee of BET who sounded like Ertha Kitt when she said certain sentences. She also preferred Merlot. Now THAT; is a whole other convo in of itself.
  • a mother of 5....count 'em, 5 chil'rens. If she went on a 10 week aerobics program, she'd be a top 10 MILF hands down.
  • Vee. The shit talking-est, all-nite-spade-playin-est one at the party. Amazing that she works for one of the world's largest non-profits.

It was a good cookout. Me and D-Money went toe to toe jonin' on each other. I think she had me in the end though. Oh well, I'll get her next time. It was odd being the youngest TRUE adult there because they were entertained by just kickin' my ass in spades. After the whoppin', I was ready to do something else. The good thing for me was that when I left I could almost walk home.

Sexuality is something else, man. The way women are supposed to act in our society and the way men are allowed to act is so constricting. It seems that the only way a woman can get to express herself sexually is by writing a book or going to Mardi Gras and flashing where 10,000 other women are flashing. Over the years I've heard some interesting scenarios from women who carry themselves like nuns to the ones who have their sexuality on their sleeves. Even talking about sex in a certain way from a woman can cause one to be typecast as loose or slutty. That's too bad. It's got to be extremely frustrating to be limited in how you expressed yourself or brainwashed into thinking that a certain type of expression. Why am I typing all of this? I think because I'm fascinated by the dichotomy of perception and being in the American or Americanized woman.

Besides that, I likes to hear the freaky stories, MAN!


jomiwi said...

enjoying your blog! Found you through Blogtimore.

Blonde Ambition said...

Yeah it IS difficult being a woman.......and I am SOOOOOOO happy to see you write that lmao Try being a woman in sci/tech and it's worse. I still remember my senior seminar class in college not too long ago (yeah I went back for the Masters)...the only other girl in the program presented her research....better than any of the men there.....the men grilled her was disgusting. And the only female professor in the Biology program was 1/2 time and about 50!

r. said...

ummm spades and a bbq - and I wasn't invited??? WTF!!!

Brother Kojak said...

whatever, r. You and a good friend of ours KNOWS how hard it is to get in touch with you.

Brother Kojak said...

jon, welcome to the blog! thanks for the love.

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