Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Stuck On Random Again

Thanks for y'all input for the trip. I've already booked it and all, but I ain't sayin' where I'm going because I know I will be inundated with the "huh?" factor. I really, really wanted that quiet factor. Kinda stupid though....more expensive than the typical places.

I emailed my "Are you really gay?" cousin yesterday. She told me in her email that gay people were crazy based on something retarded one of her friends. I agreed, but proceeded to break it down why. I wonder is she pissed?

Last night was great. I spent the evening with my mom for a change. I treated her to sushi. It was even more fun since she is a sushi rookie. That wasabi was tearing her ass up! TOO damn funny!
Then we get to conversing about birthdays (her's was a couple weeks ago)
MyCrazyAssMama: I think my most memorable birthday was the 21st.

Me: Oh? Why you say that?
MyCrazyAssMama: Boy....I remember that shit. We went to this bar in East Baltimore. Called SomeKindaHole. Anyway, I asked for a Singapore Swing and my friends were like 'Naw, naw. We got the drink for you. We gonna get you a ...something. I forget.
Anyway, I'm drinking my drink, smoking my cigarette, feeling like I'm real grown, you know? Then this brother asked me to dance. I said sure. As soon as I got up, My ass was on the floor. They laughed there asses off for the rest of the night.
Me: **laughing** I would be too. 21st birthday was memorable too. I ran into my boy Steve from high school in the Giant Super Market parking lot. He was a year older than me and I told him I needed some ideas for my 21st. He said he had a great one and to meet him there Saturday night. Well, I meet his ass there and he drives me to outside of Georgetown to this spot called George's. A strip club. When we were walking in, the bouncer looked at my id and said 'damn, you barely made, huh?"
MyCrazyAssMama: **laughing**

Which leads me to a another topic. Strip clubs. Some of you women HATE the fact that your man goes to strip clubs occassionally. Here is how this activity benefits you:

1.) That's at least 2 hours of him not slouching around the house getting in your way.
2.) You KNOW he's gonna want some when he gets home. You are GARAUNTEED to get laid.
3.) You don't have to slide up and down a pole or make your ass cheeks clap; the strip club provides that public service.
4.) What's a few ones' among the community? Share the love!

Why last night at the lounge this kat tripped....going up a RAMP! What type shit is that?? I guess it got progressively worse because he tripped more as he went up until he fell against me. L.O.S.E.R.

I am trying to get onto the fast track to loose weight. I went and got a jump rope as supplemental excercise. Why come I start jumping rope and humming:
Una dulci-eta
I said a east
a west....
**shit. I fucked up the rope. Start over**
Una dulci-eta
I said a east...
**shit. Start over.**
Una dulci-eta
I said a east
a west
I met my girlfriend at....
**shit. start over**
Man. After 5 minutes of that shit, Me, the jump rope and dulci-eta rolled the hell out. I dont know what was more excercise, jumping rope or trying to jump rope. for pics, there will be no pics until I get the Abs of Atonement. No real abs, but just good enough to show off. maybe a 2 pack. I've never had a 6 pack. Ever in life.
I met my girlfriend at the


WebmasterMama said...

My man can go to a strip club anytime... I know he's not gonna see anyone there better than me or with better tatas. So I'm not worried...

Brother Kojak said...

right right....