Friday, May 06, 2005

What A Day What A Day

Today started off so well. I was preparing for my oral exam for Culture and Ideas class. I had taken care of a lot of my duties so I had some time. All of the sudden, right around lunchtime, DeputyDawg and HodgePodge got into it about an adminstrative matter. They were in each others face and a few of the kids saw it. Great. 30 more days and it had to come to this. Now we are going to have a pure zoo at that school. I'm sure some of you are looking forward to a few of war stories. (at my damn expense).

I took my oral exam and aced it. Mine was on Machaivelli and his psychopathic writing "The Prince". What's funny is right before that, I was in the hallway on the phone when this thick sista (yes, thick, not fat) was smiling at me. I smiled back and said hello. Her response was "Hi. You are really handsome." I blushed (mentally. My ass is too black to do it physically) and thanked her.

I'm really hating the job today. As a somewhat educated person, you get tired of babysitting assholes. After my various duties, here I am....chilling on Blogger. I've been looking at some other blogs and each of the one's I've discovered I HAVE to comment on.

Also....drama. Always in my life, but drama here on Blogger? There is this one blog where the author wears her feelings on her sleeve and admits all and discusses all. Cool right? Recently she did something stupid and a couple of bloggers let her know it too. I mean, why? Its her blog, her pity party, roll the fuck on. At same time, what she did WAS stupid so there are 2 sides to every story. Ok enough of that shit....


I was a latch key kid growing up. It was fine to me, but by today's standards, my mom would have been put under the figurative bus by local authorities. What a childhood. I heard the phrase "Damn! You done messed up my high!" so much I thought I it was my designated duty. Chef Boyardee? Fuck 'em. I hate that bastard now. If I ever see him in the Korean dollar store, imma beat his ass. Chicken noodle soup? I had my first cup of that shit in 25 years last week with the Mrs. Evidently I didn't miss a damn thing.
So on this up-coming mothers day, I'd like to thank my mom for the following:

Thinking reefer was baby cigarettes
That you and SoAndSo were just friends
Not breaking my heart to tell me that the Village People were all gay
Letting me imitate the Village People in front of your friends
Not beating my ass in front of the kids at school but waiting until we got home
Introducing me to the miracles of canned goods
Our next door neighbor babysitter **mmmmmmmm**
Living 2 doors down from the Africans who instead of washing their pissy bed sheets, they'd air them out in the back yard.
Cussing me out when I walked up to your job to ask you something I thought was important
Embarrassing me everytime we were together and saw a group of girls, and say in your best Mary Black Poppins voice "Girls! GIRLS!!!"
And most of all
Naming me after my father who not only was an asshole to beat the shit out of you periodically, but also had a fucked up name. GEEZ!

But I love you anyway, Ma. And to all my female readers out there who have offspring (Blondie, Paula, ChipaSomethingOrAnotherInSpanish, WebmasterMama) and to those who are on that road (Twisty, Zulu, r); and to the rest of you knuckleheads who I don't who the hell you are but you keep laughin' at me, Happy Mothers Day.

I'm out.


Blonde Ambition said...

Now that's a hell of a way to wish a Happy Mother's Day....but I know the thoughts are there and well thank you :)

prosine said...

Thanks for the oh so kind Mother's Day wishes... LMAO!! They were great! Wish my momma woulda been that coo!

prosine said...

Thanks for the oh so kind Mother's Day wishes... LMAO!! They were great! Wish my momma woulda been that coo!

prosine said...

oops!!! that shit posted 2 times! WTF???