Monday, May 02, 2005

Bloggin' With The Quickness

10:40 a.m. I'm a FrontPage class now and we are on break. I have proof that I am NOT well-endowed. I went to this same urinal twice today, and each time I had some drip drop on the floor. That's embarrassing. How old am I?

I'll have more notes to come as I get break during this Frontpage class and I will also have an entry pertaining to this weekend. One thing that happen this weekend was we've gotten our first entry for the WGBGB Contest. We shall see if the theory holds constant. I ain't convinced yet.

You know what's funny about these employer conducted classes is that you have people from all different skill levels. Kinda funny.

11:11 a.m. nodding man, nodding.... class is more basic than I anticipated.


WebmasterMama said...

Ewww - a FrontPage class? They still have those? When is that product gonna get dumped since HTML is SO EASY!!! Don't believe anything they say - FrontPage is NOT better. :)

Brother Kojak said...

Well, I know where YOU stand on that, but they use it here because the county buys full MS licenses. The county also has given the responsibility of creatng/maintaining webpages who aren't always as web savvy as your self. Therefore, FrontPage is a perfect fit.

Blonde Ambition said...

FrontPage? Yikes! I think all school systems use it. Our county has it and I know the University here has their education students use it....too outdated...I prefer Dreamweaver and HTML myself :)