Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm Winding Up

Ok Brother Kojak fans. Its that time of the year again where I go underground for about 2 weeks. I will not be blogging as often nor will I be reading blogs either. Look for me every few days though. I'll always have something good.

Food for thought and this is mostly for the fellas: Could all of our dreams about sexy bi-sexual women be true? Could it be true that you would be entitled to a 3some at least twice a year? Could it be true that when you are at a sexual low, you can send her off to her girlfriend 'til you get you swerve back? Huh? Man, that would be bbbbb-BOMB! But I don't know any man who has a bi-sexual wife/girlfriend so I wouldn't know. But I know I could rock that. Soon as she starts nagging about something "Uh.....Jessica called. She wanted to know what you would be doing for the weekend." Man, soon as her ass hit the door, I'm OUT! Fishing, strip club, gone over to my boy's house with the big screen tv, man! Off the hook.

**sigh** Some people just live the life.

So far, I've gotten a few entries for our WGBGB Contest. When we get enough to make it a contest, I'll post the website link on here. So far so good! A few of you aerobics type are missing from the action, and you KNOW who you are!

KeyLoLo Update: Can you say "Boys II Men"? Thats what my girl is rocking today. White Pro-Keds, lime green capris (with small checks), white polo, and a matching lime green vest. Very cute.

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