Monday, May 23, 2005

The Dark Side

...Or rather, the Bright and Tight with Pastels Side. I did a self-analysis on myself and I for real have some gay tendencies. Here's the list.

1.) When I workout, I like for my clothes (and accessories) to match.

2.) I pull my dreds out of my face with my fingers, not my hands.

3.) I have a tendency to say "eww" when something grosses me out

4.) I know suit, hat, and mens clothing etiquitte.

5.) I have more female friends than male friends.

6.) I know how pick out a pair of shoes. Male or female. Proof: my wife hasn't bought her own shoes in about 8 years.

Oh man. Seems as if I have blogger's block. I can't get my head str8 to blog. I would write an entry about the happy hour I went to on Friday, but I was too blasted to remember what I was laughing at.

I started my workout regime Thursday. I've been running everyday in the morning. Tomorrow I shall be lifting them good weights so I can be the beefcake special. I'm planning on going out of town this weekend to do absolutely nothing. No wife, no kid, no cell phone. Just me and a trife ass book and maybe some cable tv. I really look forward to it, but I don't know where to go. I'm look for some place that's a nice short plane because I ain't doing the sitting on the highway thang. Fuck that. Ain't like I'm going any place too too impressive. **sigh** I don't know.

I think I hear the Lounge calling me. I need to call WhatAboutMe and see when she can hang out with me.

Damn, this post sucks. I'm going to try this again when I got something interesting for y'all.

I'm out.


Blonde Ambition said...

Nah all those things just make you a very cool guy...

I have more male friends than female...does that make me a lesbian? or Bi? lol


**By the way, I hear the mountains in MD are beautiful right now ;) lol

Brother Kojak said...

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks

r. said...

jet blue and southwest both have one ways to lauderdale for 59 bucks...

That Girl said...

check apple vacation weekend packages. towson travel. one year i decided on wednesday that i'd go to freeport that weekend. no direct flights but only a couple hundred dollars.

if you want to go cheap/east coast, go to florida or south carolina.

i'm not good for telling you a calm place to go. vegas and new orleans were my picks this year.

Brother Kojak said...

New Orleans "calm" huh? Who knew????