Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Racist Humor For the Week

Ok, most of y'all know how I do. 2 funny racial incidents, they just both happend to occur with Mexicans. **smile**

....The Cub Scout meeting is about to come to close, and the Cub Master says "We will be sending around a list for all of us to update our email addresses." I turned around and looked at my man Jorge and blatantly looked him up and down and rolled my eyes. He goes "What can I say? We're just a family of poor Mexicans." I couldn't hold it. I just busted out laughing.

.....I'm going thru the grocery store at 5 in the morning. Keep that in mind. I pass by the closed bank which is where the restrooms are. Right as I'm walking by, this Mexican man walks out with an extra pep in his step and adjusting his hat. Thoughts going thru my head "DAmn, the relief actually knocked his block off!" And "This muh fucka goes and takes a shit at 5 in the damn morning at a grocery store. Couldnt have done it before he left the house; had to go and clog the toilets up early in the morning." And "Hmph. Some muh fuckas can shit anywhere anytime."


Yesterday I was listening to the radio and the host read the funniest damn email I've ever heard on that station. I'm going to paraphrase as I did not have a tape recorder running.

Dear Mr. Tony,

We should not be surprised by the actions of the Runaway Bride as we all know deer are skiddish creatures. They are easily hypnotized by sudden, bright lights and have a tendency to run when they see men in camouflage.

KeyloLo Update: HOT!!! Today is dress-UP day as the students here are confined to wearing uniforms. KeyloLo decided to dress up today as well, wearing a red dress with matching long jacket. STILL got an onion! Wooo weeee! The type of outfit you wear to church, but will make the preacher say "Dayum!! The Lord is my shepherd...he KNOW what I want!"


r. said...

Man - I know I'm blond and all, but shit... I can't follow a damn thing you were saying... what the heck is funny about the email address thing... and what about the dude in the grocery store... as usual... I'm confused....

Anonymous said...

The grocery store thing is too damn funny!

Ah, the simple pleasure of a 5 a.m. evacuation. Sigh...

- TJ (