Sunday, May 15, 2005

I Smashed It! Ouch.

Hey y'all. Its been a while, but here I'm is after a week of hitting the books and self-induced drama. Friendships; hell, any kind of relationship can be so volatile.

One thing I’ve been wanting to blog but was unable to because of my memory was one of my classmates. We had a lot of odd personalities in the Culture and Ideas classroom, but this particular girl really highlighted some of the things wrong with how we live our lives.
Through the entire class her class participation was weak at best. Now, the papers she wrote may have been good because she seemed like a good note-taker. But as soon as she realized that the discussions in the class were just that, she stopped taking notes. There is nothing wrong with that; do what you gotta do and get the fuck out. However, the underlying theme was that she is one of these women determined that the root of her happiness was her future wedding date and the honeymoon cruise. That was all I ever heard her discuss with her other classmate, her dress, the hall where she was having the reception, that was it. And then later towards the end of the semester, she incessantly text messaged. Who, I don’t know, but I can guess it was her fiancĂ©.
Its great that she's happy and I hope she has a great marriage. But as a married person I know it is foolish to limit your world to your spouse's world. Married couples (especially young ones like her) are 2 individuals who happen to want to walk together in life. You have to share a lot, but you stil are you. I wanted to tell her that, but she was too far gone, man.

Glueman called metoday and asked me for my assistance today to move and pick up some lawn chairs. They were very light chairs and of course, were heavier as they get stacked. Well, me being the manly man I am I decided to load 6 at a time into the truck. When I attempted this on the second stack of chairs, I placed them on the tailgate of the truck improperly and BOY do I mean improperly. It seems that when I put the stack down, the heavy end of chairs smash down on the tip of my dizzat. Ouch. Fellas, just imagine a 10 lb weight just sitting on the end of your dizzat for about 5 seconds. The chairs were heavier than that, but concentrated in a specialized area it couldnt have been any more than 10 lbs. I had to walk with my ass poked out for at least 1o minutes.

And speaking of dizzats....this is to my 30 and over atheletes. Are we more proned to have to wear jock straps now? I mean, what happened to the support down below? I was running wind sprints this morning. As soon as I put my stride in the next gear, my balls were all over the place. Like one of those hanging bags that boxers use for hand speed. Shit...seems like thats how fast my balls were hitting my leg and abdomen. Ouch again.

I need to take care of my tools because my school may be starting a club level baseball team. I'm trying out so wish me luck. I'm also joining a reading club for the summer until I find out that the stuff is too hard to read for no credit. Ok...I'm gonna be gone for another couple days. One more final and a practicum. But after Thursday.....

I is free!!! I is FREEE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Come down here. I'll make it feel better. ;-)

Blonde Ambition said...

Your balls were hitting your abdomen?! lmao Is that even possible?!