Thursday, May 19, 2005

From The Dome

This rap is to the beat of a Kanye West song called "Luv You Better" Feat. G-Unit. I had that beat in my head and as soon as my fingers hit the keys I started typing this.

Sidewalk slingin'
brothas get to grinnin'
make no mistake, this girl is st8 winnin'
she tried bless me with smile that goes on
switchin' that ass with the Louis Vuitton
She had it decked out
pinks and reds
with her lips just shining like Eva Mendes
"Excuse me ma, can I roll wit you?
make it hot in the spot and have a drink or 2
let you vibe wit me you can drive wit me
get the old school cd, you can jive wit me"
(singing)"Splendid. I wif (with) it
but you gotta tell me how much you spending
you smooth and
you precious
but I gotta say your gear ain't the freshest
you got some pretty eyes
you got a nice smile
I even feel them dreds how they looking wild.
But I'm dime piece
and if you was a bit taller
I would holla but I see you aint no real baller."
Damn...choppin' my shit
she got me pondering, thinking that I wasnt legit.
but I ain't sweat dat
I just went back
to her crib and steadily tapped dat
and when she started with dat benjamin crap
I just wiped my shit
hit the door
and yelled "holla back!"

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chaparritadeoro said...

say man, you got tha talents!

Hope said...

its called HOPE THEORY
this theory says that
if there sum1 who like u a lot
but u arent sure...not 100% sure
if u like him
or u are just being nice to him becoz he's really nice to u
and u don want to tell him the truth
becoz it will break his
in fact , u are giving him false hope
false hope that u will one day accept him
but actually u will NEVER accept him
so he everyday HOPE n HOPE
and as the days go by
his love will deeepen
and as u drag it longer
the hurt will become greater
so , if u dont think he has a slightest chance
don give him hope
u will only hurt him more n the end

Brother Kojak said...

Thank you, Hope. **clapping**