Wednesday, July 20, 2005

White Flip Flops

I am one to talk about androgeny given the longer than shoulder length hair, however, there comes a point of going too far. Yesterday, I saw a seemingly hetero brotha walking out of a building with some white flip flops on. White. Flip flops. Now, first of all I think men shouldn't wear flip flops anywhere but the beach and I know that most people strongly disagree with that. Fine. But how about some canvas or black ones? White? WHITE?? C'mon. That's soft as baby balls.

I'm a little short on material today so, uh....I'll be back.

4:31 p.m.
Ok, I'm back, but I STILL don't have any material. Well, this one guy farted on the elevator. I also owe my Hindi readers an apology for the thoughts that went thru my mind during the 15 to 20 minutes that followed. I was carrying a computer and as soon I got off and the doors started closing, he let out this "ugh." sigh. 1st thought: "damn, that ni**a farted." I came back a few minutes later, and there were still aromatic traces of the beans and curry from the crack of his ass. Bitter about that.

I'm also bitter that I missed the business office by 5 freakin' minutes and they wouldn't give me my damn check. WTF? I can't even blame it on The White Man....everybody that works back there is black! Wait....but they are all BLACK WOMEN! A HA!! The new conspirocy, Jack, the black woman trying to hold the black man back! Stuck on "Imma KEEP my foot in his ass! Fuck his overdrawn ass! That's what he get actin' like he all that....STAY broke, you nappy headed basta'd..."
The pain, oh the pain. Sister, why dost thou forsake thy broketh brethren? For be he but a man of simple pleasures and needs. Art thou not thine brother's keeper?

**patting my emptying pockets and sniffling** Damn, y'all ain't shit.....

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