Sunday, July 31, 2005

What It Is

This weekend was pretty good albeit unmemorable. I gave Glueman a project for his namesake, watched one of the hottest scenes in cinema featuring Teri Hatcher, and flexed my pimp skills (yea right). What was most interesting what another racial observation; this one a lot more positive. I'm going to describe it the form of a poem because that is just the way it felt.

What It Is
What the deal is, bruh?
I feel you
you got that beat bangin' in your dome
the hi-hat and bass drum in unison from one earhole to the other
BOOM-bip-bip-boom. boom-BIP
you point your chin in the direction of the beat
as if teaching a class of audio-sensory deprived students how to feel dat(n'yamean?)
but peep this, bruh
you aint got no music, man.
there aint no boombox
no radio
no I-Pod
just you in the back of a pick-up truck
your clothes a testament to your daily labor
city traffic surrounds you
the waste of automotive emissions fills your nostrils
and all the while you are oblivious
because you have
BOOM-bip-bip-boom. boom-BIP
It's all to the good, baby
what it is is what it is
'cause I got it too
you like me, me like you.


Desiree said...

Hey that was good! I liked.

Brother Kojak said...

Thanks! That one was from the chest, ya know?

~KC~ said...

Hey you! Its my once a month comment!! Can life get any more hectic ??? Nice little diddy there! I like :)