Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Synopsis- July

Friday: I was on full Daddy Duty. Me and MiniMe sat and watched the O's get their asses kicked by the Red Sox while we ate a mix of Honey Cheerios, cashews, and plain M&M's. These are the nights you adore fatherhood.

Sat.: The big day. Went to the Sugarwater Tour featuring Jill Scott, Floetry, Erykah Badu, and Queen Latifah. Off...the hook. My 2 complaints were 1) the show was in Columbia, MD; a Baltimore suburb. Why did they keep shoutin' out DC? Bitter about that. 2) Short show given the magnitude of talent. Floetry was on stage a whopping 30 minutes. Damn! That bothered me a bit because Marsha can SANG. Yea, I spelled that right because there is a difference between someone who can "sing" and someone who can "sang". Kelly, let me not go there. Let me pick someone black....Ashanti can sing. But the big girl in the choir at church who whenever she approaches the mic, the old ladies in the front giggle with delight and lean over to whisper to each other. SHE...can probably SANG.
But as usual, I digress. Everyone else in the festival averaged about 45. I think Queen Latifah went a few minutes over her limit but it was all to the good because she rocked the spot with some jazz AND hip hop. Jill...was Jill. I really can't describe it because she gives an amazing performance. I've seen her twice and both times I was in total awe. For me she is a hard show to watch because the "Who Is Jill Scott?" album just brings back so many memories for me. (Yes, NONE that I will share with you all. Sorry.) Erykah was tight too. She commands the entire venue with just the expressions of her eyes and arms. Amazing.
Other observations? Fellas, there were a LOT of single women there. Don't sleep on these kinds of venues. Although a good portion of the single women were lesbians, hey, you can still look, right? I think the lesbian draw was Floetry, who are a working gay couple. I didnt know that until last night.
I hung out all day with Wisdom and had a ball. We talked a lot and I found out more about her which was great. We ended the night at the Baltimore-famous Double T Diner over pancakes. Hehhehe. So funny its actually cool.

Sunday: Slept thru most of the day. When I awakened, I was asked to cook on the grill. MiniMe made a new friend today. An assoc. of my mom brought him over and they had an instant clicking. Both are the same age and same energy level.
It looks like me and the fellas WON'T be going to Chicago for the boxing match. If I made about 30K more a year, definitely. The price of a decent seat at this event would be $150. That's right. About 30 rows back for $150. Sad to be po', man.

Ghetto Smurfs update: Damn, sun! This is taking so much longer than I anticipated. Almost done, but not quite. Again, I will warn those of you who are somewhat loyal readers that this is going to be one of the most offensive blog e'rybody. E'rybody gets it in this one. No race is left out.


chaparritadeoro said...

Kelly Clarkson? WTF? Why would they include her in that tour? I'm just don't match!

Can't wait for the offensive Ghetto Smurfs. Bring it on!

Brother Kojak said...

Here YOU go. Ain't nobody say nothin' about Kelly Clarkson being on the tour. RIFAS, man, RIFAS.

Reading Is Fundamental And Shit.

chaparritadeoro said...

Aww, you right, you right! If the writing is good, Reading Is Fundamental And Shit.