Sunday, July 17, 2005

Night of Boxing???

Not really. My cousin (Glueman) and I hit the Jillian's of Arundel Mills. The plan was to hit a spot where we could sit and relax while watching the fight. Hmmm....the manager there was smarter than that. They marketed the fight so well that the place was made up more of people standing than sitting. Evidently they moved all of the games to a storage room to make more room for people. The cost was $10 at the door. From what I was told by a bar owner, the cost for a commercial establishment to purchase a boxing match is $1200. Jillian's easily made that in the first hour.

I was a little bitter that there was no place to sit, but my cousin assured me that it wasn't going to be that bad. And he was right. What really became the nusance was the presence of so many women. That's right, women. Women to see a boxing match. And you ask "damn, Brother Kojak, why can't women go to watch a boxing match and enjoy it?" Sure they can. I know a lot of women who genuinely enjoy a good boxing match. And for the early part of the fight, their presence was known. However, in the latter rounds, here come the posers. The women who had absolutely no interest in seeing the match but more about seeing the men seeing the match. They came in around Round 9 and later wearing heels, low-cut shirts, tight jeans, tight skirts, belly shirts, any type of casual to club gear; they were rocking it. I had to admit, as testosterone driven as the night was, I was definitely distracted. I was pissed off. You can't go NO WHERE without women wanting to be around. It was the same thing they used to do for high school baseball, sitting in the bleachers watching the game as if they were interested. Man....not even close! Scoping. Heteros love having women around most of the time. Fight night, I don't think so. Do you see us going to wedding or baby showers? hanging out around the shoe store? Hell naw. And for those guys that run behind their wives or gf's to go to a damn baby shower or something feminine like that, make sure the 2 of you wear the same skirt size.

Its Sunday. It's 92 degrees outside at 100% humidity. No one in their right MIND would be outside on a Sunday unless they really had to be. Raise your hand if you are that dumb....
***3 hands reluctantly go up**
Yeah,, Glueman and DoomAndGloom went running Sunday. We were supposed to hit the weights, but we couldn't get past the security guard at Glueman's job. So, me looking at my appalling physique and Glueman always being up for a challenge, we hit the track. Luckily, I had plenty of Gatorade so we all shared. DoomAndGloom walked 2 miles while me amd Glueman did sprints on the straightways. I'm trying to run the 1/4 mile in a min. or less. (Damn I got a long way to go!). He and I did that for about a mile a 3/4 worth. I fucked up though. The Gatorade was to quench my thirst DURING my weight/endurance workout. I ended up trying to sip it occassionally during my run. And of course, the last lap ended in a cramp. Ugh. To be so outta shape is trife. And to make matters worse, I ended the night with a pounding headache.

Notable event of the day: On the way to the gym, we were stopped at a red light when we noticed an older woman sitting on a bench. I was the first to notice "Hey. She got a thing of Gold Bond Foot Killa!"
All looked towards the bench.
Looked back at the car, hesitated, but then began to take of her shoes.
"No she isn't"said DoomAndGloom
"Yes she is!" giggled Glueman.
Now, I didn't look because I knew if I did I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing. But by Glueman's reaction, she definitely put that shit on her crusty ass feet in broad daylight. wow.

And tonight??? The ironies of all ironies. When I was put out, there was this girl I was chatting with....INSTANT crush. She was smooth, ambitious, smart, exotic. I tried to put the isms on her, but I couldn't get her to bite. 6 or so months later, she's chatting with me now telling me about the new bliss in her life with her man and new job. That's great because when I was chatting with her it was kinda rough for her. In what capacity I don't know because she never gotta truly specific. That was a weird feeling initially, but I'm happy for her. What kinda bothers me is that I've seen pics of her fucka looks like a sickly Jermaine Dupree. Damn love is blind! LOL!

I be out.


prosine said...

Yeah yeah... whatever... lol... I'm blogging (ranting) again in case you give a rats ass!

prosine said...

Actually I do have a comment... I am one of those chicks that loves a good boxing match... t-shirt and jeans, flip-flops is appropriate atire. Give me a beer and we've got it made!

I say throw the flitty little bitches out on their cute little asses!!!!!!


r. said...

I heard that pay per view now charges a "per seat capacity" charge to businesses... that's why nobody showing the damn fights no mo'... I was calling all around to see tito - glad I didn't after that ass whoopin' - and I was just plain bummed about ol' bernie... its truly another end of an age... damn...

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